The Atlanta Citizen Review Board released today to the public its full investigative report on the raid of the Atlanta Eagle by the Atlanta Police Department.

And on Thursday, the LGBT Advisory Group sent Chief George Turner a letter asking he follow the recommended punishments to the officers and supervisors of the September 2009 raid.

The recommended punishments range from 3-day suspensions, written reprimands and Fourth Amendment training to all the officers involved in the raid to written reprimands and Fourth Amendment training for supervisors of the raid. One supervisor, a sergeant, was recommended for a 30-day suspension without pay for being “untruthful” during the CRB’s investigation.

Citizen Review Board releases full investigative report on Atlanta Eagle raid

The raid by on the Atlanta Eagle, a gay bar, resulted in several patrons filing a lawsuit against the city for violating their constitutional rights by searching them and detaining them without probable cause. The city settled a lawsuit with the plaintiffs for more than $1 million. As part of the settlement, the APD must also conduct an internal investigation into all of the officers involved in the raid.

The raid was conducted by the Vice Squad with backup from the controversial Red Dog Unit. Patrons said Red Dog officers used anti-gay slurs against them, used excessive force against them by forcing them to the floor and even threatening them, as well as detaining them for more than an hour while they were forced to lay down on the bar’s floor.

Recently, two Red Dog officers involved in the Atlanta Eagle raid were put on administrative leave after two men alleged they and another Red Dog officer pulled them over and fondled them. One man said he was forced to pull his butt cheeks apart in the middle of the street as an officer conducted a cavity search.

This week, reports that Chief Turner may do away with the Red Dog Unit or at least conduct major changes to its structure have forced Mayor Kasim Reed to speak out on the current culture of the police department.

See the CRB’s report below: