Gay Texas teen suspended from school after ripping pages from Bible

“I was being bullied in my first period class and I got out my bible and I started ripping the book of Leviticus and some other scriptures. A student asked the teacher [if] he could leave his class and the teacher told him yes. A few seconds later the … assistant principal opened the door and told me to follow him.

“When I sat down in his office I told him about the bullying at school. He them told me that ripping up the Bible in class creates a disruption. I told him that I would not rip up the bible but [asked] if I could carry it, and he told me yes.
“I carried the torn up bible in my hand all day. [Two days later] my principal found out that the bible was on my desk. He called me to his office and started to yell at me.

“Then he reached for my bible without my permission and he slammed it in his desk. The bible was my property. Then he told me that I was suspended from school for three days.”

Smith is well known at his high school and in the small town of 65,000.

According to a story in the Dallas Voice, he played with the school’s band, served as a teen court attorney and police explorer. In addition, he has started a gay-straight alliance at Birdville school and maintains a Facebook fan page where he lists himself as a politician.

“One day I am going to run for the office of the President or the Vice President of the United States,” he states on the page. “And another high up government position. I cannot wait.”

Amongst some of his classmates and local residents, Smith is highly regarded for his political ambitions, his efforts to promote human rights and his interest in global welfare.

However, the story in Dallas Voice has raised the ire of several fellow students, who have insisted through several response posts they have no issues with Smith’s sexual orientation and that he has treated other students maliciously and with disrespect.

Smith has since responded: “You talk about tolerance at BHS, then why was I called a faggot in the hallway by multiple people least year? Why did I have a freshman who was outside near the baseball court throw baseballs towards me and yell he’s gay? Why have I been physically assaulted by students at BHS, which is documented by the way? I was extremely popular at KHS when I was there. There were no homophobic incidents to me like there have been at BHS.”

The 18-year-old will return to school Nov. 4.

The question of what may happen when he goes back to Birdville has been raised by both supporters and those who oppose his actions. Although he appears to be somewhat apprehensive, he seems ready to take on what may come his way.

“When I go to school this Monday I expect to not be bullied or harassed by any students,” he wrote in the response section of Dallas Voice. “If I am bullied or harassed at school I will make sure that my high school administration, as well as other authorities are notified. We all should have the right to go to school and to not be bullied or harassed based on our beliefs or political ideology.”