Eddie Long accuser Centino Kemp to release tell-all book next week

Kemp was identified as the fifth accuser in the Eddie Long sex scandal that involved four young men suing the world-known preacher and founder of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church for sexual coercion. In 2004, Long led a march of thousands through the streets of Atlanta protesting, among other issues, gay marriage.

Long reached a settlement with his accusers in May 2011 that included a confidentiality agreement.

Kemp is not the only accuser to continue speaking about the case. In August 2011, accusers Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande gave in-depth interviews that were published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and WSB-TV.

Here is the synopsis Kemp includes with his book, as posted by HotSpotATL.com:

“The First Lady” is the life story of Centino Kemp. A talented young man born in the Bahamas, it explores Kemp’s upbringing in a highly Christian family.

As a youth, he longs to find closeness with his family that is sorely missing, all while coping with the absence of his father. Centino’s adverse relationships with the male figures in his life or lack of, combined with the in and out role of his mother’s presence while in his adolescence, led to his struggles with his own sexuality. Then at the tender age of sixteen, Centino heads to the United States to attend a University in Florida. Alone in this new country, minus guidance or a nurturing figure, Centino is seduced by a powerful religious figure who becomes not only the father figure he never had, but also his lover for six very long and intense years.

His soul becomes tortured as he forced to deal with a realm of emotions and situations he never thought he would ever encounter. In this story of love, lust, power, extravagant living, travel, betrayal, deceit, rape, down-low homosexual lifestyle, molestation, church corruption, secret societies, suicide attempts and religion, Centino Kemp gives you an in depth look into the pain, sorrow, trials, and triumphs of his first twenty-two years on earth, and how he ultimately came to be known as his lovers “ First Lady.”