Christopher Cain, 18, one of the men accused in the attack of a gay Atlanta man in February was denied bond this morning in Fulton County Superior Court.

Judge T. Jackson Bedford denied bond for Cain, saying Cain was a danger to the community. It was also noted that Cain was on five-year probation before the Feb. 4 attack on Brandon White for burglary. Cain was arrested Feb. 11 and charged with aggravated assault and robbery. Three others have also been charged in the assault.

Bond denied for suspect in Atlanta anti-gay beating

Cain, wearing a pale blue Fulton County jail uniform, a long gray sleeve sweatshirt under the shirt, was shackled at the wrists and ankles. He did not speak during the approximate 15 minute hearing.

The Fulton Assistant District Attorney described the attack on White in southwest Atlanta in the Pittsburgh community as a “hate crime,” telling the judge how the men repeatedly said, “No faggots in Jack City” as they brutalized White. A video of the attack was uploaded to the internet and went viral.

Cain was described as one of the main aggressors of the attack and who stomped White after he was punched and kicked to the ground.”

Cain’s defense attorney argued Cain was in high school and working at Taco Bell when the crime occurred and that he has strong ties to the community. The defense attorney also said because of the case being so high profile, Cain was being kept in seclusion for 23 hours a day.

However, the DA’s office offered no sympathy.

“Brandon was subjected to a beat down,” said the assistant district attorney. “He was literally ambushed with hands and fists and stomped to the ground.

“The state can’t charge this as a hate crime, but this is clearly a hate crime,” the
assistant DA said.

Federal authorities continue to investigate whether the anti-gay attack is a hate crime. Georgia is one of only five states in the country without its own hate crime law. State Rep. Rashad Taylor (D-Atlanta), who is openly gay, introduced a hate crimes bill on the last day of the legislative session.

White attended the hearing and stood up during the hearing, acknowledging he did not want Cain to get a bond. After the hearing, he said he was pleased bond was denied.

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