Fulton County takes legal action against YouthPride for grant reimbursement

A letter was sent to YouthPride on Oct. 5, 2012, mandating reimbursement of the $18,703.08 it did not spend as part of the FRESH grant and the agency was given until Oct. 31, 2012, to make payment. Because YouthPride has not paid back the money owed, the Fulton County Attorney’s Office is now taking legal action to get back the funds, McRae said.

YouthPride Executive Director Terence McPhaul blamed former YouthPride counseling director Tana Hall for not fulfilling the grant’s requirements. Hall, who has been a volunteer, board member, board president and staff member at various time since 1998, was laid off in February 2012 after former board chair Jordan Myers told her the agency was closing.

“When Tana Hall directed YouthPride’s Counseling Program, certain targets, services, and deliverables that were required under the Fulton County contract were not met to the letter. Even though YouthPride exceeded service delivery in number and volume, Fulton County is divided into districts,” McPhaul said.

“Each contract is for a district. YouthPride was funded for District 6 during a period in question. District 6 includes many inner city neighborhoods and the program under the direction of Tana Hall did not meet the necessary requirements and as a result, YouthPride will probably have a balance to pay,” he said.

Hall, who successfully sued YouthPride in Magistrate Court in July for $2,741.75 in unpaid wages, issued this response to McPhaul’s statement.

“As our community knows and as the GA Voice has been following from the very beginning, YouthPride has been essentially brought to closure under the leadership of Terence McPhaul. I have been a devoted board and staff member of the organization since 1998, and now a successful plaintiff against Mr. McPhaul for delinquent salary money owed to me,” she said.

“The courts have spoken on the side of what is right. Now all I hope is that our community can ignore these ongoing distractions and focus on what is important — finding a find a way to rebuild what was an incredible organization and safe haven for the young queer youth of greater Atlanta.”

YouthPride has received Fulton FRESH grants since 2005 for District 6; this is the first year it has been asked to reimburse funding.

(Photo: YouthPride Executive Director Terrence McPhaul)