The four young men carjacked and kidnapped near the Morehouse College campus last month are all gay, according to one of the victims, who alleges the suspects used anti-gay slurs against them in the attack.

Gay Morehouse students carjacked, robbed, called ‘faggots’

However, there was no mention of anti-gay slurs in the police report for the April 25 incident, said Sgt. Curtis Davenport, public affairs officer for the Atlanta Police Department.

“APD is not aware of any anti-gay slurs used in the commission of this crime. There were no reports of this made to us,” Davenport said.

Three suspects have been arrested. Jevontay Fleetwood, 17, and Darius Hill, 19, are charged with armed robbery, carjacking and kidnapping and are being held in the Fulton County Jail without bond, said Davenport. A juvenile was also arrested.

One of the victims, who asked to not be identified, said he knew they were not targeted because they were gay. But the memory of being attacked still has him nervous.

“They used the word ‘faggot’ a lot, and said we were going to burn in hell, called us names,” said the 20-year-old man who attends American InterContinental University in Dunwoody. His three friends attend Morehouse College. The three Morehouse students declined interview requests.

The four men did hold a press conference at Morehouse on April 26, but did not want their faces shown because one of the suspects was still at large.

On April 25, the four men were driving from church to the Morehouse campus and stopped at a gas station, said the American Intercontinental student.

“We saw these guys walking toward us and thought they were just going to walk past us. Next thing we know we have three guns to our heads,” he said. The suspects demanded the keys to their Buick Lacrosse and demanded their possessions.

“I was thinking, ‘Come on guys,’” the student said. “But we were all really scared and did everything they told us — we gave them our cell phones, our earrings, money.”

The student and a friend were told to get in the trunk of the car while his other two friends were ordered to sit in the car with the suspects.

The student’s friend in the trunk with him kept his cell phone and attempted to call the Atlanta Police Department several times and finally called Morehouse police.

“We could hear they wanted to go to an ATM. My friend still had his cell phone and called the police several times. He finally got in touch with the Morehouse police. I popped the safety lock in the trunk to see where we were and could tell we were by the West End,” he said.

The suspects drove to a Wachovia bank where the Clark Atlanta and Morehouse police arrived at about the same time. The three suspects then jumped from the car.

Jevontay Fleetwood and the juvenile were apprehended at the scene. Darius Hill, who ran from the scene, was arrested May 4. The crime is not considered a hate crime by police.