UPDATE: Gay senior citizens advocate wins racial job bias lawsuit against Fulton County

The sum could triple next month when a judge decides whether to add in future lost wages, pension benefits and attorneys’ fees, according to Carl’s attorney, A. Lee Parks.

But Fulton County Attorney David Ware said, in a written statement after the verdict last week, that Carl lost the job because he “completely blew the interview” and he expects the verdict to be overturned on appeal.

“The only reason Mr. Carl alleges that race played a part in the selection process is because the person chosen happened to be an African-American female,” the county attorney’s statement said. “Mr. Carl was incredulous that a black woman would be chosen over him and thus decided to accuse the county of a race-based decision.”

Parks said in response to Ware’s statement, “It’s sad. What it is, it’s disrespectful to jury.”
Ware said the jury shouldn’t have heard secondhand testimony that Commissioner Emma Darnell played a role, allegedly telling a deputy county manager that she had “too many white boys” in Human Services and the new director should be black and female.

The commissioner has denied making that statement, Ware said.

While working with Fulton County, Carl became involved with the Atlanta Regional Commission and its efforts to find ways to meet the needs of aging residents, including those within the LGBT communities.

He was instrumental in the founding of Atlanta’s chapter of SAGE USA (Services and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Elders).