It’s been just over three months since Donald Trump became president of the United States. In that time, he has nominated a cabinet full of secretaries with dubious anti-LGBT policies and rhetorical records, he rescinded guidance from the previous administration designed to keep transgender children safe in schools across the country and his administration has flirted with a larger, more damaging anti-LGBT “religious freedom” executive order that is constantly rumored to be in the works.

As news organizations across the world mark his administration’s first 100 days, we decided to do our own check-in on his progress. In June 2016, we spoke with two gay Trump supporters, retired meteorologist Arch Kennedy and college student Avery Anderson. We recently followed up with the two to gauge their reactions and hear their opinions.

‘I am completely behind him’

When we spoke with Kennedy in June, he celebrated Donald Trump’s populism, a trait he’s still proud of today.

“He is not establishment,” Kennedy said. “He won because the people are not being represented. We have career politicians that are not in touch with their constituents. He is a winner in business and he gets things done.”

Those things he’s gotten done include appointing and confirming Neil Gorsuch as an associate justice of the Supreme Court and renewing the efforts to build the Keystone XL Pipeline, for example.

Anderson was also appreciative of Trump’s populist approach.

“What drew me to Donald Trump was the ‘loose cannon’ attitude he brought to the election,” said Anderson, an alternate delegate at last year’s Republican National Convention. “Considering we’ve had the same style of politicians for the past 50-plus years, it was refreshing to see someone bring a sense of pride in this country back to the game.”

When it comes to the administration’s efforts to ban refugees and travelers from specific Muslim-majority countries, both Kennedy and Anderson are supportive of the steps the administration has taken.

“I am completely behind him,” Kennedy confirmed. “I have studied Islam for over two years and followed Islamic terrorism just as long. He is doing what he needs to do to keep us safe.”

The Trump administration’s efforts were thwarted twice by federal courts that ruled the executive orders were illegal.

Differing opinions on trans bathroom directive

Many in the LGBT community point to Trump’s cabinet as evidence of possible anti-LGBT sentiment, but Kennedy is unfazed, if not in full disagreement, with those who would make such a claim.

“I really don’t care,” he said. “Trump has continued to show his support for the gay community. He is the first president to be fine with gay marriage [at the time of his election]. Gays can marry now and that is not going to change or be reversed. Let’s move on to actual serious issues that affect all Americans.”

Anderson disagrees with Trump’s choice of nominees not because of their anti-LGBT histories, but because they may not be the most qualified.

“I think the last thing the United States needs is a group of former CEOs and special interest leads being in charge of the people,” he said.
Perhaps more as a nod to age and community influences, Anderson focused on the entire LGBT community while Kennedy focused specifically on the gay community. The two diverged most strikingly when discussing the administrations withdrawal of guidance on keeping transgender children safe in public schools – though for different reasons.

Anderson leans libertarian in his approach.

“[It] should never have been an argument,” he said. “Yes, I believe we have plenty of room for all Americans regardless of your status, but I do think we can go about this in different ways than restricting someone’s bathroom use or even letting folks go wherever they please. My university has a gender neutral bathroom system which allows folks to use the facilities they want. If a transgender student wishes to use the male or female restroom [based on identification], then sure they can, but we have alternative options to make sure they are accommodated.”

Conversely, Kennedy expressed his full-throated support for the Trump administration’s revocation, saying, “It is very simple. If you have man parts, you use the men’s room and locker. If you have female sexual parts, you use the women’s locker room. It isn’t fair to put kids in this situation for a portion of population that isn’t even 1 percent. Once you get the sex change, then you are golden. This does not even deserve to be a political issue.“

According to a 2010 study by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, the majority of transgender people forego surgical intervention when transitioning, and surgical intervention is not a typical form of transition for children or teenagers.

Syria attacks, American unity

Neither man is willing to write Trump a blank check though. Kennedy disagrees with the administration’s recent attacks on Syria, believing the US has no place in the Middle East, save for its alliance with Israel and its sanctions on Iran.

For his part, Anderson hopes Trump turns his attention toward education.

“We need a serious investigation into the public university system and to understand exactly where funds are being sent, how tuition is being processed, who the universities are hiring on to their staff and why students are now left with a sense of apathy,” he said. “If we ever expect to ‘Make America Great Again,’ then we need to start making America great by helping our youth with college reform, getting them the education they’ve paid for and having them understand the value of a higher education.”

Anderson has also turned his energy toward American unity, keeping his focus on people, rather than policies.

“What matters is that we are all still Americans. It is our duty to protect and care for each other, regardless of the issues and stances we agree or disagree with.”

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  1. Caligulalives

    Theyre self hating hypocrites-of course they still blindly follow the party that wants them dead. Classic narcissism. Instead of admitting they phucked up (Trump has done nothing except fail in 100 days), they say its all good. They’ll be putting them into ovens and they’ll still support the GOP!!!

    • ted

      Wow. These comments show a tremendous fear of differing opinions. Intolerance and bigotry has a new home – leftism.

    • Dom Bruno

      Careful, the same can be said about your blind following of your party. The Democrats are much more (ab)users of gay people, dangling carrots in front of you for so many years, and trumping up non-issues to keep you in fear and perpetual victimhood to garner your vote. Besides, your comparison to the Holocaust is not only cheap and offensive, but shows your total ignorance and inability to think. Nice tolerance.

  2. Sean A Johnson

    Well if they are so in support of him then they need to go back to hiding who they are because trump and the RNC do not support our community in any way.the gay Republicans need to go back to being in the closet since they believe that the community should not have equal rights

    • Earl

      Wow. I guess it’s true. Just like the race-baiting reverends, you have to be a victim, huh? Without victim hood, you have no cause. That’s the difference between the gay left and the gay right.

    • Dom Bruno

      But isn’t this the point? That there are more gay conservatives out there than the liberal sheep will admit? And we are not afraid to voice our opinions, stand up to liberal gay bullying and point out liberal ignorance when it occurs? We see the faux victimhood that grip the lives of so many gay people, and actually, most of us feel sorry for your misdirected, misguided hate and completely blind ignorance. It’s a sad way to live.

  3. Mark Miller

    “It is very simple. If you have man parts, you use the men’s room and locker. If you have female sexual parts, you use the women’s locker room. It isn’t fair to put kids in this situation for a portion of population that isn’t even 1 percent. Once you get the sex change, then you are golden. This does not even deserve to be a political issue.”

    I have to say, I am shocked at the level of ignorance and prejudice I see in this statement, especially from someone who should know better. Unconscionable.

    • Linda

      A great many of us feel the exact same way; regardless of sexual orientation. Arch’s comment is straight up real. It SHOULD NOT be a political issue. Our government is not elected or paid to wrote mandates on bathroom policy. It simply is NOT a government issue.
      And Trump is not doing anything to harm the LGBT. You seriously need better sources of information.

    • Phred Huber

      I too was shocked and angry at such appalling ignorance and lack of empathy.

  4. Alexa

    I know one of them. Self-hating hypocrite doesn’t even begin to describe…

  5. Concerned Queer

    Pathetic and self-loathing barely scratch the surface for these and any other so-called Gay Republicans at this point. Does a house have to fall on you mary? .. the Republican party hates Queers. #Quislings

  6. Ed S Henderson

    I love this article but there is one other interesting thing that Arch and Avery have in common….the same birthday…May 17th….HAPPY BIRTHDAY you two!

  7. Geo

    Arch Kennedy…RESPECTS!!! You have the courage to stand by your convictions and choices…as a minority, LEGAL immigrant and gay man, I SUPPORT YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE! Well done!

  8. Ruben Sanchez Jr

    I know one of them, too. It really is ironic that the people who preach tolerance and acceptance can’t seem to be very tolerant or accepting of fellow #LGBT who think for themselves, all the while having to hear hate-filled venom from the Gay Left. Oh, the irony does show!

  9. Anne Taylor

    In the comments above from the peanut gallery, I clearly see a lack of tolerance from people who likely claim to be open minded and seek acceptance for everybody. Just because you disagree with the views of another person, it doesn’t make THEM bad a bad person. How you choose to accept (or non accept) the other person’s right to have their own beliefs system makes YOU a bad person if you aren’t able to afford them that right. Being a professional victim doesn’t serve you well. Clearly you have not figured this out yet…. that YOU are the problem.

  10. Tiff

    As a GWM, Conservative Libertarian, Capitalist, Drag Queen… count me in the Arch/Avery Camp. Both with sane points of reason, contrasted against the inane babbling of the rest of the gay community as evidenced by the other comments on this article. Hyperbole, patently false statements, and outright lies. Yet again, proving to be consistent with my 43yr experience as part of the the gay community. That, as a whole, it is filled with nothing but a bunch of bitter, condescending, hate-filled, intolerant, left-wing bigots, with mommy and daddy issues, who know nothing but feeble-minded group think. They wouldn’t know individual liberty if it slipped them a hard one and gave them a reach around.

    That said.. 20 yrs ago I was the ONLY (gay) Conservative/Libertarian I knew. Now? More and more are “taking the red pill” and waking up out of the liberal matrix. Glory!

    Long Live Lord Emperor Trump!

  11. mark

    I know Arch. Its pure comedy to watch this hypocrite try to stumble down the moral high road. Says one thing, and does a very different thing behind closed doors. Deep therapy and mood balancing pharmaceuticals may be something to look into, at some point. What…a…joke.

    • Kathleen

      Mark, i have to ask what kind of person (and heart) goes on a public forum and attacks someone? Seems to me you need a long hard look at yourself and the lack of integrity you possess and mentality it takes to do that. A debate on government policy is the tack a true intellect would take. Which might explain your lowbrow comment.

  12. Jeffrey

    I know both guys. I wish more in the community would be as outspoken as these two. I support both Avery and Arch, and of course I support *our* President.

    • Jason Lamebeaver

      Same here Jeffrey, they are part of the Gays For Trump movement and I am proud to be in the same class of gay Patriots as they are in.

  13. Jason Lamebeaver

    I am proud of all of the wonderful guys and gals of the gay community that have the guts and courage to stand up for what is right and show your TRUE Patriotism. What our idiot brothers on the left fail to realize about our form of Government is that if President Trump is impeached, they get VP Pence who while has become more tolerant of our community, still has a way to go. They also are failing to realize all of the Presidential Orders and things passed since Jan 20 that protects our rights in the work place and leaving the one thing the lefties want with their bathroom crap to the states. Self-loathing? I think not, I am only ashamed of the LGBT and that agenda. I stand up and applaud these men and women fighting against the leftest agenda. You people support a damn religion that kills gays daily, you are idiots the lot of you. I want no part of a community that hates it’s country so badly. You are all traitors and deserve whatever you get from the communist left.

  14. GAY BEAR



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