A temporary restraining order sought by Atlanta City Council incumbent Natalyn Archibong against two gay opponents accusing them of slander and libel has been thrown out. A decision on the injunction is pending.

A report by CBS Atlanta states the judge refused to issue a restraining order Archibong was seeking just days before the Nov. 5 election.

Restraining order against gay Atlanta City Council candidates thrown out

The injunction was sought and a complaint of defamation and slander was filed today against Christian Enterkin and Matt Rinker for their message to voters that Archibong has missed or been late to 80-90 percent of city council meetings during 2011 and 2012. Enterkin told GA Voice tonight a decision on the injunction is still pending.

Enterkin tweeted this today:

Enterkin issued a statement today denying Archibong’s allegations:  “It is appalling that Natalyn Archibong would attempt to block my rights to campaign just days before the election. Instead of defending her public record, she has decided to waste MORE taxpayer dollars, and occupy the precious time of a Superior Court Judge. If Ms. Archibong was fighting as hard for District 5 as she is to maintain her seat, we would not be here today.

“I am running for Atlanta City Council because the citizens of Atlanta deserve a councilmember that will listen to the voters and will keep the residents best interests in mind instead of abusing their authority for their own personal gain. Everything that has come out of our campaign has been factual. I encourage everyone to do their own research.”

Rinker also issued a statement, “I stand by our claim that Natalyn Archibong has the worst attendance record on the Atlanta City Council, as supported by the City Council’s own meeting minutes. The lawsuit is a desperate move by a desperate politician and her attorney’s to hide the truth about her record from voters.

“As someone who is asking voters to give her a $60,000 a year salary, and who has been in public office since 2001 – she should know that actually showing up to city council meetings and committee meetings is step one in fixing the problems in our community. She has largely failed to do that. Our families and our businesses deserve better than part-time representation by someone who doesn’t care enough to show up.”