A beloved LGBT activist was killed Monday in a crime spree that crossed two counties. Friends and loved ones are now raising funds to help her wife and to support the equality movement.

Catherine Han Montoya, who lived with her wife, Meredith, on Shadowridge Drive in East Atlanta, was allegedly killed in her home by Donte Lamar Wyatt on April 14. Wyatt is also the suspect in the stabbing of a woman in a Henry County Waffle House parking lot earlier in the day.

A YouCaring.com fundraising site has been set up to raise $50,000 to help her wife as well as with funeral expenses.

From the fundraiser page:

To know Catherine Han Montoya was to love her, because you couldn’t help but feel her love for us, for the people, and for the world. She was a shining star in our movement, a tireless champion for immigrant rights, for AAPI women’s rights, for racial and LGBTQ justice. She spoke truth to power with a smile and laughter, and lovingly challenged us all to be our better selves.

Now as we mourn that Cathy was so tragically taken from us all, we must come together as she would have wanted us to, and fight through our broken hearts and sadness, to honor Cathy by doing what we can to support her wife Meredith and family. 

Let’s think about how Cathy, the self-described “Queer Chicana Korean Feminist (and Broncos fan),” dedicated herself to working for justice, while remaining so full of life and joy. Let’s think about how selflessly she threw herself into the task at hand – whether in co-founding the Southeast Immigrant Rights Network, helping the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice organize against HB56, empowering the grassroots while working at the ACLU, Leadership Conference for Civil & Human Rights, National Council of La Raza, or co-founding the first National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum chapter in the South— never losing sight of her vision of elevating the voices of the oppressed, and building power of immigrant families and communities across the South.

Let’s honor Cathy by stepping up and answering the call. Please donate to help support Meredith and their family.  Funds will go towards helping with funeral costs and to supporting Cathy’s deepest loves: her family and the movement.

A Facebook page named SEEDS of Love has also been set up to memorialize Montoya.

11Alive reports that the crime spree began Monday when Donte Wyatt stabbed his wife in the parking lot of a Stockbridge Waffle House. He then drove to Atlanta in a rented truck and broke into Montoya’s home on Shadowridge Drive and killed her.

Police tracked him to the home but he was able to escape in Montoya’s car before crashing it a short distance later and running away. He ran into another home about a mile away where the homeowner called police from upstairs. Her bulldog was able to deter Wyatt from coming upstairs.

Police were able to rescue the homeowner while Wyatt was in the basement and after a four-hour standoff with police lobbing tear gas into the house, he ran out and into police custody.

Montoya was the director of field immigration and capacity-building initiatives at the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights and the Leadership Conference Education Fund, and was also co-chair of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum.

Tributes poured in on Twitter as word started to spread about Montoya’s death.


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15 Responses

  1. Rupert Edelstein

    May she rest in peace after a lifetime of work knowing she received the ultimate cultural enrichment till the end.

  2. Dindu

    Looks like she was killed by the very people she was trying to help.

    Oh the irony.

    • LovenotHate

      Yeah, I knew her partner and they both were great people. So sad.

  3. Schlomo_Shekelstein

    Oy gevalt think of the children.

    Who will stand up and make sure that we remain culturally enriched ? My father wasn’t gassed 3, no 6 times for these things to pass.

    Vote for Hillary, she is a good goy that will lead you down the golden road, yes.

    • Elijah

      Oh please I’m outraged at the killings of blacks by white police and them getting away with it

      • LovenotHate

        She was part of the #blacklivesmatter protests. NO one cares about thugs being killed by cops. If you really cared go to those ghetto areas like this woman did to try to help these troubled individuals. See where it gets you.

  4. Sasha Miller

    So sad. I would not wish this to happen to my worst enemy. What the family members must be going through. smh

  5. Patrick Bateman

    Gay, Asian, Latin, Feminist and African-American. It’s almost like…so much diversity couldn’t fit under one roof. It almost seems like something was going to crack eventually…but that can’t be right. Maybe someone just wasn’t diverse ENOUGH. We just need more diversity. That would have fixed the problem, I’m sure.

  6. Keisha Johnson

    Latina women can’t be murdered by black men; murder is power plus privilege, and these brave black men have gone through so much more than you ever will. She was killed, yes, but not murdered. You need to educate yourself before saying such racist, ignorant things.

    • Laura

      Murder: “the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another”. Race is only a factor when someone implies it, such as yourself. You should spend some time researching Catherine and her message, it would do you some good.

    • LovenotHate

      If you ever end up fighting for #blacklivesmatter and murdered by a black person you would understand the pain that family is going through. After Baltimore’s protests and this incident I’m 100% sure we won’t be seeing anymore coverage on #blacklivesmatter and the cops killing thugs, oh sorry innocent black man, drama. Praying for Catherine and her family. smh this was such a senseless crime

  7. Chris Grammier

    On behalf of my wife and family, and our AC family from Aurora Central, we are truly going to miss such a bright character and will always remember the humor and joy Cathy brought to our lives. To Meredith: even having known Cathy growing up in Colorado, we can’t ever claim to have known the joy you knew having Cathy as your wife. We are deeply, deeply sorry for your loss.


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