Local lesbian attorney Kathleen Womack elected to state bar’s Board of Governors

“To the best of my knowledge I am the first to be elected running openly,” Womack said of her new position with the state bar. “Nice to be appointed, but nicer to be elected by my peers.”

The State Bar of Georgia is governed by a Board of Governors, Womack added. Anyone who practices law in the state must belong to the bar.

“I was running against an incumbent who was first elected in 2009. In 2009, it was a three person race, and [former Stonewall Bar President] Robert M. Lewis, Jr. ran in that race and was defeated by the woman [Whitney Diane Mauk] who won and has held that seat since 2009.”

Womack said she was honored to have been elected from the some 40,000 Atlanta attorneys who cast a ballot.

“One can never expect to win, but since I have been in several bar association leadership positions since 1995, I have a broad base of support. Personally, I look forward to working with lawyers from throughout the state of Georgia and making sure they know they have a lesbian in their midst.”

Womack is in private practice and specializes in domestic partnership issues, wills and estate planning as well as second-parent adoptions. She’s also a former National Park Service ranger.