The young man who posted several Vine videos to the internet depicting a person being violently attacked in Little Five Points says the assault was not motivated by transphobia.

The Vine user with the username TriAngle SquarE, a skater who frequently hangs out in Little Five Points and who asked to not be identified by his name, said he saw people near the Stratosphere skate shop when what he described as an “intoxicated homeless woman” started berating and yelling at the group. The Atlanta Police Department and other are trying to find out what exactly happened.

“I saw this homeless lady yelling and cursing all these people,” he said. “She was yelling ‘fuck you’ and doing all this crazy stuff. It seemed like a usual day in Little 5 Points,” he said. “She seemed aggressive and was throwing herself on the ground.”

“There was nothing mentioned about gender. She was just yelling at us,” he said. “The videos don’t show the context of what happened.”

The alleged victim says clearly, “I have a pussy.” She yelled that as well as, “Fuck you, George Bush!” and was cursing other celebrities, he said.

The person was asked to leave the property by a Stratosphere employee but she refused to go and continued to yell and show, he said. The person is a homeless woman he has seen in Little Five Points a lot, he added.

“She refused to leave. She seemed to be starting fights,” he said.

The people he was with who were being yelled at offered her a cigarette to try to make her leave, according to the man who filmed the attack.

He said he started filming what was happening because what was happening was “so odd.”

Another man walked up to the group, who did not know was happening, and the homeless woman lunged at him, he said. That man pushed her to the ground and then stomped on her. According to the Vine use, the guy stepped on her shoulder, not her head. He said she was also helped up by others and was unfazed by the attack.

Everyone standing around yelled at the guy right after he stomped on the woman and he left the scene.

“Right after it happened all the bystanders were shocked and told him off. A couple bystanders helped her up. She was intoxicated and I saw her walking away,” he said. “She was not injured.”

“The real issue here is the homeless population in Little Five Points and that they don’t have anywhere to go,” he added.

The Vine video has been deleted Thursday morning after it went viral, he said. When asked if he was going to speak to the APD about the incident, he said he didn’t want to get too involved but would reach out to them.

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  1. mitch

    You mean it might not be what the media wants it portrayed as? OMG!

      • Sebastian

        Looks like that woman should have walked away. The video looked like she was antagonizing the situation.

  2. Dee Omally

    The video shows the victim The victim is standing on a public sidewalk outside of a business. The victim is only being verbal. The victim is shown in a defenseless position on her back on the sidewalk and does not have a weapon. Belligerent and bellicose behavior is a disturbance and no more. Police get paid to handle this.

    What the video shows is this person in a defenseless position being assaulted…not just contact (battery) but assaulted by a big man who appears to be in the military. The violent man is wearing an “Air Force” T-shirt. There are some Air Force facilities in the Georgia area. I was an AF MP. Military people are subject not only to Penal Codes outside a base, but also to the UCMJ. This man, if found and convicted, and if he is a military man, faces the very real possibility of military discharge.

    There is video evidence that identifies both the victim and the perpetrator. This violent man was not engaging in justifiable use of force to defend himself. This violent man, as the video shows, is so violent that he attempted serious injury by going for the victim’s head. Because a head striking a hard concrete surface can and has caused death by kicking, it is not a stretch to accuse the perpetrator of attempted murder. It is one thing to strike someone in the head with a closed fist, and quite another to do so with the force of body weight distributed by and centered by a foot. This man is a violent man. This man is a very violent man. This man is so violent that he cared little about being videotaped in broad daylight attempting to strike someone’s head onto a concrete floor. It doesn’t matter what sex/gender, age, of the person. The video shows not what he tried to do, but what he did. If not caught this violent man is capable of committing murder, as proven by striking someone at or near the head while on the ground.

    The APD MUST be provided a copy of the video….and the victim MUST go file citizen arrest charges on this violent man. He has no place as a free man in civilized society.of assault standing *outside* of any business. Even if the victim was “committing a public offense” by creating a disturbance, we are not a nation of vigilante justice. The APD should have been summoned, not a ruthless violent coward who believes manhood is proven by stomping a female on the ground.

    • Rylee

      Thank you for this comment. I’ve been trying to keep up with any new information on this, as it’s been released, and so far you seem to be one of the only ones left with at human decency.

      It doesn’t matter how she was acting, it’s not up to citizens to handle her, they should’ve called the police. She could have easily been killed. I also have a feeling the video was edited to only show her acting out, not the reasons why she was defensive (drunk or sober).

      People forget that we don’t live in a third world country. We have the right to our own beliefs and to be who we want to be. Handling situations like this, treating other humans like they have no worth, is beyond disgusting.

    • anon

      according to the recorder, the “victim” put her hands on the guy first, self defense. no crime on his part. you act like a man, you’re gonna get treated like a man.

      • Kim

        You’re talking nonsense No justification to attempt murder ???

    • Ayo

      Your comment is unbelievably accurate and sensible. you captured my thoughts entirely.

    • JohnMc

      “big man who appears to be in the military.”

      Did you just assume that person’s gender? BIGOT ALERT.

  3. Qball mcdoodle

    He actually ended up prosecuting the homeless woman and she did some time for it if I recall as she attacked him first. She was unhurt as the kick actually hit her in the shoulder, but she later got out and was arrested for assault again (pretty sure).


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