New Year’s stabbing suspect released on $35,000 bond

O’Donovan has been behind bars in the Fulton County Jail since Jan. 1 when he was arrested and charged with five felony counts of aggravated assault.

Schwarz said today next steps include working with the Atlanta Police Department and district attorney to drop the charges against O’Donovan. However, if that doesn’t happen, the DA will send the case to the Fulton grand jury where O’Donovan may or may not be indicted.

An Atlanta Police report released Jan. 3 states that witnesses told officers a fight broke out among five or six men on Jan. 1 “over a discussion regarding sexuality” at a party in Reynoldstown.

“All witnesses stated they observed a group of five to six males fighting in the back yard of 239 Gibson St. SE over a discussion regarding sexuality. The fight quickly escalated when the suspect, Mr. Luke O’Donovan pulled out a knife. Witnesses said that the victims were attempting to stop Mr. O’Donovan when they were stabbed,” the APD report states. The department’s two LGBT liaisons are aware of the case.

The police report lists victims as Kevin Ralph, 25, who received a stab wound to the thigh; Brett Hammett, 22, with a “trunk internal” stab wound; and Blake Love, 21, with a stab wound to his wrist.

O’Donovan was described in the police report as having “multiple stab wounds to his upper back.”

Atlanta Police are also investigating if O’Donovan was a victim in the incident.