UPDATE: Brown has responded via Twitter to the accusation by Traxx Girls founder Melissa Scott that he bailed on last weekend's scheduled appearance. Georgia Voice is working to obtain Scott's reaction to the tweets. 

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Chris Brown doesn’t give a damn about his gay fans.

Brown failed to show up at The Georgia Freight Depot nightclub as thousands of his fans waited to see the ‘Loyal’ singer at his scheduled Saturday appearance during Atlanta Black Gay Pride Weekend. The event, sponsored by Traxx Girls, a lesbian owned and operated entertainment company, was billed as the “biggest girl party in the country with over 4,000 women in attendance.” Brown, who was also in Atlanta to perform on his ‘One Hell of A Nite Tour’ at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood, had been prominently displayed in the center of Traxx Girls flyers promoting the event, but when the time came for Brown to fulfill his contractual obligations he bailed along with the fee he was paid by Traxx Girls as a retainer. The reason: of the estimated 4,000 women in attendance, Brown refused to enter the building once he learned that a handful of gay men were present.

Melissa Scott, party promoter and founder of Traxx Girls, tells Georgia Voice she’s “baffled” by the entire turn of events.

“I think it’s unfortunate for mainstream artists to take people’s money with the complete prior knowledge of knowing what the event is and being very clear about what the event is about. I’m completely baffled. You know it’s gay pride. You knew you agreed when you sent the contract in and took the money.”

Scott says she knew there was “trouble in paradise” when she and Brown’s team were exchanging text messages (which were verified by Georgia Voice) at 2 a.m. and he still hadn’t arrived at the venue.

“I was being told to take his (Brown’s) image down because he looks a little feminine in that image, an image that he took. As a promoter I should be focused on my crowd. I had to send text messages of pictures of my crowd to say, there’s nothing but girls in here man.”

Brown was not scheduled to perform at the Traxx Girls event but had agreed to introduce R&B singer Teyana Taylor prior to her set. Taylor is currently on the road with Brown as one of his opening acts on the ‘One Hell of A Nite Tour.’  Scott was able to secure popular rapper Fetty Wrap, also on tour with Brown, as a last minute replacement after Brown’s fragile masculinity stood in the way of making an appearance for his gay and lesbian fans.

“We called Fetty Wap who is the hottest artist in the country right now and he was five minutes away (from the venue) and asked him if he could come,” says Scott. He said “hell yeah!” I said it’s a gay party. It’s tons of people here. He said he didn’t care and was on his way.”

This isn’t the first time Brown has proven himself to be homophobic. He got into a heated Twitter exchange in 2010 after former B2K singer Raz B tweeted praise of singer and Brown’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna and actress Halle Berry by taking a dig at Brown.  “I’m just sittin here thinking how can ni*** like Eric Benet and Chris Brown disrespect women as intelligent as Halle Berry, Rihanna,” Raz wrote.

In true Chris Brown fashion he replied: N-you want attention! Grow up n****!!! Di-in da booty ass lil boy.” Brown later apologized.

Scott says what transpired between her and Brown has never happened to her.

“It broke my heart to do that to my crowd. Some people flew in from LA. I had 100 girls who flew in from the UK to hang out with this guy in an environment they’re comfortable in, says Scott”

Here’s the message to Brown’s gay fans: support artists who support you. 

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  1. Savoy

    LGBT and supports please stop giving Chris Brown your money. I'm disappointed that Traxx Girls would book him. Do you really think he was going to show up? I question Traxxas Girls morals. It's OK If he doesn't support or like gay men, but he can support a  lesbian event? The divid and separation in the community is very real. 

    • Adria

      It was messed up that Chris Brown Didn't show up to the event that we prepared for. I was back staged and everything. We opened up for Chris Brown for the Fashion show and he was a No show, we was turnt up and all and to here that he don't care about his fans is hurtful. What are you famous for? Chris Brown probably made the most money from the gay community anyways. And that's messed up

    • Tim S

       I totally agree with u.. Chris Brown is a homophobic asshole and why will any gay person book him for an appearance that's good for the lesbians they think because they woman its different no your still gay and Chris is homophobic.. Ok.. Hope u learned ur lesson stop supporting these artists how hate gay people..

  2. sexyb

    Chris is ignorant. Theres gay fans im sure at just about every performance he has. This is stupid and the gays will continue to support artists who dont give a fuck about them, yet thats probably who he makes the most money from…

  3. Gershawnda

    I was there this weekend from Kentucky to see him I was  upset when I didn't get to go concert because of it being sold out. So when I found out about after party I was excited because I loved Chris Brown but after this he has lost my respect. Gayle people are part of the reason u have a job and do what u do. It just sicken me he no longer gets my support! 

    • Davis

      You should be upset at the promoter.  If Chris was booked to appear he would have done so.  Apart of being booked to appear follows the check.  He probably didn't recieve a check so he didn't show up.  Seems like the promoter was collecting money on tickets for a show with Chris Brown without paying him in advance which is why he didn't show up. 

      • Katrina Lyles

        Why is it assumed that Chris Brown didn't receive a check? No promoter in their right mind,

        would promote Chris Brown without paying him. Traxx Girls has s stellar reputation of delivering the biggest and best celebrities in the Country I.E. Nicki Minaj and 100's more without a hitch. Chris Brown didn't show up because he's a little bitch. And if you are that insecure about being around gay men, you obviously are wrestling with some latent sexuality issues. Traxx Girls and Melissa Scott could have picked numerous celebrities that would be honored to perform for the LGBT community. Big Shout Out to Fetty Wap for being MAN enough to perform for any and all fans. 

  4. Tee

    I was so mad waiting for him to NOT show up.! I was highly disappointed .. I brought VIP for every event this weekend .. Chris let down 1000s of people Sat. 

  5. YeahSoUShouldHave known

    Why was such a violent, misogynistic and HOMOPHOBIC artist like Chris Brown booked in the first place?? The promoters are at fault, because even I could have told you this wasn't going to work.

  6. Sherry

    I think these comments are unfair to Chris Brown.  He said he wasn't booked to perform.  It is a possibility that the promoter was false advertising.  Maybe she thought she could pay him once he arrived at the show.  Thats not how it works with big acts like Chris Brown, Rihanna, etc.  They must be paid upfront in advance.  If their not paid they will not show up.  Its their business and the only people that will be disappointed is the fans.  I think it's the promoters fault.  I am happy Chris has responded promptly. 

    • JaJawRoc

      Hell No. Lil Kim showed up On q, Nicki Minaj has also been featured at Traxx Girls events. The company always delivers. Sounds like he bailed.

  7. Kelvin

    People are quick to take the side of the rich and powerful.  I see this as a missed opportunity for Chris Brown to grow out of his phobia.  If a contract was signed and money exchanged hands, the other acts also appeared elven fatty warp.  There is no way Chris Brown couldn't have known that he was booked.   Chris can afford to hire agents to send face saving twists and you guys turn around and blame the promoter.  


    Melissa did a good service by bringing Chris Brown to see for himself the love that the people h e rejects have for him.  

    Same people that think it was bad to begin with are the once who will do what it takes to seat in the front pew while a church pastor verify them.. just saying. ..


  8. Malakia K

    I was there and have attended plenty Traxx Girls events and they always deliver big name artists. This sounds like some bull on Chris' end….how we're Traxx Girls able to pull everybody from the tour  but lie about booking Chris Brown? That would be stupid to even lie about. Shout out to Teyana Taylor with her FINE self and Fetty Wap for saving the night. Unfortunately I missed Getty Wap after growing tired of waiting on Chris Brown weak a**…but I'm sure Fetty Wap's fan base will definitely increase.

  9. Lance

    the only way we will find out the truth is through legal action! If there is a signed contractor or agreement between two parties or more than there has to be some type of consequences. If this man was booked to come and perform at an event then why aren't legal actions taken?! There is no way in GAY HELL as a promoter that I not sue him for breech of contract. Chris Brown is smart because he replied so quickly to try to reduce the bad publicity that came from all this. This is why I feel that some of us believe that he was not booked for this event! I've never known Atlanta Pride to ever have an issue with any artist no showing or bailing on an event! It enhances there record sells. Chris would be an idiot not show. None the less. I feel like the law needs to be involved to prove a point! Everyone's reputation and credibility is on the line and at the end of the day all you have is your name! Traxx Girls I'm sorry this happened to you. Sometimes it's hard for people!

  10. Cheryl Courtney-Evans

    I marvel every year that Black Gay Pride continues to kiss ass and pay  big $$ to entertainers who don't give a shit about them, but are willing to take their money and run. They deserve the disdain and disrepect they put themselves in line for, if they don't give their dollars to celebriities/singers who are gay/lesbian/allies…

  11. Blu

    Well I was here that night with 4 other indiviuals right in front of the stage. We were actually considering paying for VIP but we changed our minds. But we did pay to skip line which was $40 each. So being there with the long wait. And having Teyana Taylor only take pics with one side of the stage  as well as omg nique take pics with the same side was rude as hell. Then to get news that he was there but refused to come in because of the lil handful of gay men in the building was ridiculous. In all entirety we wanted our money back. The only reason I'm not to upset is because I'm a huge FETTY WAP fan and he came through and showed out. And I ended up with a self balancing board that Vanessa from TRAXX GIRLS gave away. Or I probably would still be a lil upset. But I feel the truth will come to the light. Because all the events we went to the celebrities showed up.  Every year we go. So for him not to show up makes me flabbergasted.  That's all I gotta say. 


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