Paul Plate, co-founder of Positive Impact and a longtime LGBT and HIV activists in Atlanta, is stepping down from his post at the agency after a 22-year run. More than 200 people gathered at the Commerce Club in downtown Atlanta on April 25 to celebrate his accomplishments and praise him for his efforts in the ongoing fight against HIV.

Positive Impact recently merged with AID Gwinnett/Ric Crawford Clinic to become Positive Impact Health Centers headed up by Larry Lehman, former executive director of AID Gwinnett.

Also honored for their HIV activism were Jim Sacco and Jacqueline Tucker Muther.

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  1. Tony Pizzo

    Hello: I’m trying to contact Paul Plate, who is a friend of mine from Chaminade High School. We haven’t been in touch since 1971. Every once in a while I’d run a search and recently came across Dyana Bagby’s article from 4/28/15. I was surprised to find out that we’ve both ended up in GA, he in Atlanta, me in Savannah. I’m closing out my Facebook page, closed my LinkedIn page, and am a social networking illiterate. If you have a way of contacting him, would you be so kind as to send him my contact info?? Thanks so much!! From what I remember of Paul, it doesn’t surprise me that he’s spent his life helping people.

    Tony Pizzo


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