Police: Lesbians started fight that led to alleged bias crime during Atlanta Pride

“When interviewed about the incident, Ms. Katalinich stated that she was assaulted by three people because she was a lesbian, but could not provide any substantive details about the incident,” the report states.

“She suffered abrasions to both legs about the knee area as a result of allegedly being pushed down. Additionally she complained of pain to the right side of her face. I could see the abrasions on her knee but could not see any apparent injury to her face,” the officer stated.

Creef said they were attacked by two black men and an Asian woman.

“Ms. Creef stated that she and Ms. Katalanich were a lesbian couple. She stated to me that the incident started as a result of her directing several comments towards the Asian female, during which she referred to her as a ‘stripper’ and made negative comments about the way she was dressed,” according to the report.

“The Asian female uttered, ‘You look like a dike (sic).’ Both parties then engaged in a verbal confrontation yelling various negative epithets at each other. Ms. Creef alleged that Ms. Katalalinich approached the opposing party at which point one of the males pushed her down to the ground,” the report states.

The report further states Katalinich and Creef “appeared to be moderately intoxicated.” Both said they had been drinking at a party at the hotel, according to the report.

The two women told Fox 5 they were victims of a hate crime.

Photo: Kathryn Katalinich (left) with her girlfriend Brooke Creef.