Three Atlanta Police Red Dog officers are being investigated for allegedly conducting a body cavity search on one man and groping of another during a traffic stop, WSB TV is reporting.

Two of the officers are members of the Red Dog Unit and were part of the raid on the Atlanta Eagle raid, a gay bar on Ponce de Leon Avenue, WSB also reported.

WSB reporter Eric Phillips reported during the 11 p.m. news that two men alleged they were pulled over by three Red Dog Unit officers, forced from their car at gunpoint and then made to pull down their pants.

"Who wants another man touching their... any parts of them ...without justice,"  Brian Kidd, one of the alleged victims, told WSB. His friend was made to undergo a body cavity search while standing in the middle of the road, Phillips reported. The incident occurred in June.

Red Dog Unit officers involved in Atlanta Eagle raid under investigation

Mark Bullman is the attorney for the two men. Dan Grossman, lead attorney for the Atlanta Eagle plaintiffs, is co-counsel.

“I’ve heard many stories of citizens who were strip searched in public by officers of Red Dog,” Grossman told WSB.

The raid on the Atlanta Eagle in September 2009 was conducted by the APD’s Vice Squad which called in the Red Dog Unit for backup. Patrons in the bar that night who later sued the APD including many Red Dog officers said members of the paramilitary unit used anti-gay slurs against them and used excessive force.

The city settled the lawsuit with the Eagle plaintiffs last month for more than $1 million. The settlement also included reforms to APD’s standard operating procedures by mandating no more illegal search and seizures as well as an internal investigation into all of the officers involved in the raid to be concluded by May.