Sauced Atlanta shutters doors this week

The entire press release from Pell:

Less than a month ago, with the help of EnterAct Events, Sauced hosted a fantastically huge, chef-studded party with 400 + attendees, in honor of Pell’s victory on the popular Food Network show ‘Chopped’.

At the shindig, Chef Bruce Logue introduced himself. Formerly of La Pietra Cucina and NYC’s Babbo, he told Pell he was looking for a home for his new Italian-American concept Bocca Luppo. Over the next few days Bruce’s team made an offer to purchase Sauced, an offer they couldn’t refuse.

Chef Pell explains, “It’s definitely bittersweet to have such great success and then close our doors, but another door is surely opening on the horizon. I’m so proud of what were able to convey with Sauced, showcasing locally grown food, imaginative and inspired cocktails, in a sexy, comfy setting with incredible music.”

She continues, “We’ve got no regrets here, because we’ve grown so much over the past 4 years, and hope to continue to serve delicious food wherever our hearts take us. We wish Bruce the best of luck, and know his team will make Inman Park proud.”

Pell plans to take a well earned vacation to Denmark with her wife and family, re-energize the wildly successful Bluebird cafe, and plot their next concept in the Atlanta restaurant scene, beachside.

Stephen Gannon, business partner and chef at Ria’s Bluebird, adds, “We’re going to miss entertaining all the wonderful new friends we’ve made at Sauced. We hate to leave such a supportive neighborhood, and I’m sure our loyal followers will find us in our next venture.”

This week will be the “Last Suppers of Sauced” through Sunday night. Come say goodbye to our fantastic staff, enjoy a perfect Old Fashioned, share a great meal and raise a glass to one of Atlanta’s unique eateries. To celebrate Sauced’s 3rd and final anniversary, all are invited to a giant farewell gala and customer appreciation party on Saturday December 29th. Details to follow next week.

Top photo: Chef Ria Pell mixing a cocktail at her restaurant, Sauced. (Photo by Lea Bennett)