Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta the First to Include Male Cheerleaders

At the start of this year’s NFL season, Quinton Peron and Napoleon Jinnies made history has the first male cheerleaders to cheer for an NFL team – the Rams. Now that the Rams are coming to Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII, they will make history again as the first male cheerleaders to cheer at a Super Bowl, reported People.

While some NFL teams have had male stunt teams, none of these men have danced alongside the female cheerleaders, making Peron and Jinnies the first.

After the Los Angeles Rams secured their Super Bowl spot with a 26-23 win against the New Orleans Saints, both of the men announced the historic moment on social media.

“I felt like, this is the year,” Jinnies, who is a freelance makeup artist, beauty blogger, and Disneyland dancer, told Fast Company. “This moment in the world, it feels more accepted. If you have the talent and work hard, why not?”

“Yeah you get to put on the uniform, but for us this is just another stage,” Peron, a dance or choreography teacher, said. “As a performer, you will do anything to get on another stage.”

The two have received support from the team.

“It’s great that we have male cheerleaders on the team,” said Rams All-Pro punter Johnny Hekker. “They earned their spot, and I think that reflects the Rams’ values and appreciation for diversity and inclusion.”

The Rams franchise has a history of inclusion. It became the first post-war franchise to include an African American player on its roster and the first to draft an openly gay player.

You can see Peron and Jennies in action this Sunday, February 3 as the Rams go head-to-head with the New England Patriots.