Tracy Elliott resigns as ED of AID Atlanta after five years at helm

In an email, Elliott said he is pursuing other opportunities and that the board “has complete faith in the strong leadership of Mr. Santos, Ms. Roebuck and Ms. Smith-Bankhead” and that client services and operations should not be disrupted.

Also from the email from the board:

Why is he leaving?

He has successfully created and implemented the five-year strategic plan that we hired him to do.

How is the organization doing?

As the largest AIDS service provider in the Southeast, AID Atlanta continues to embrace its mission to provide consistent care coordination, prevention education and wellness center services and HIV testing. Our events hit record fundraising goals last year. We have a full and experienced development staff. And our senior management has extensive tenure with the organization, with the shortest termed employee at five years.

In a phone interview this afternoon, Elliott said his resignation was something he and the board had been working on for some time.

“After about five years in a position like this, you can get kind of stale, and I don’t want to get stale,” he said.

The organization has recovered from the recession and is back on strong financial footing, Elliott added, making it the right time to step down.

“We have a very talented staff and the organization will be fine,” he added.

Elliott said he is looking forward to new adventures but is not sure yet what he will be doing after his last day at AID Atlanta. He said he would love to stay in Atlanta if the right opportunity presents itself.

AID Atlanta held its AID Atlanta Honors on June 14 to commemorate 30 years of service as well as to honor its founders, the CDC’s Kevin Fenton as well as employees of Gap Inc. (Community Honors), (Corporate Honors), and Tom Roeck, former chief financial officer of Delta (Kenneth F. Britt Service Award).

Top photo: Tracy Elliott at the 2012 AID Atlanta Honors (by Brent Corcoran / RNZ Photography)