A transgender woman was attacked Friday morning in Midtown after she allegedly solicited the suspect for sex, say Atlanta Police.

Transgender woman attacked in Midtown

According to Atlanta Police Department spokesperson Carlos Campos, the woman got into a car with the attacker and drove to College Park where a sex act occurred. Afterward, they returned to Midtown where the suspect pulled a handgun and struggled with the victim. Police say the suspect beat the victim in the face and bit her on the ear.

The victim is being treated at Grady Hospital.

The suspect fled the scene in a gray sedan, police said.

Officer Patricia Powell, LGBT liaison, was notified of the attack immediately by Zone 5 Commanders, said Campos in a statement. This comes shortly after the APD admitted it did not follow policy by notifying Powell immediately after a gay couple was attacked in Piedmont Park on July 2.

“Officer Powell’s notification comes the day after the Office of Police Chief George Turner re-emphasized the importance of following department procedures with regards to crimes committed against the GLBT community,” Campos said in a prepared statement. “Although this crime is currently not classified as a ‘bias crime,’ it is important for Officer Powell to be aware of such assaults. She is working with investigators to monitor the incident.”

Turner, who was serving as interim police chief, was named as Mayor Kasim Reed’s pick this morning to lead the APD. At a press conference this morning, Turner and Reed promised the police would continue to serve the LGBT community despite several setbacks, including the controversial raid on the Atlanta Eagle on Sept. 10, 2009, and issues with not informing the LGBT liaison when crimes involving LGBT persons occur.

“I expect a chief and a police department that will seek the counsel and direction of the LGBT liaison, Officer Patricia Powell, on all matters relating to the fair, just and appropriate treatment of the valued citizens of this community,” Reed said, according to ProjectQAtlanta.com.

“In addition, our police force will live up to its creed and protect and serve the LGBT community with an ever-heightened sensitivity, responsiveness and commitment to getting it right. We have work to do there.”