WABE report: City paid more than $1.2 million in attorneys’ fees into Eagle investigation

Read the Atlanta Police Department’s Office of Professional Standards report as well as the Greenberg Traurig report in full here.

Both investigations showed that some officers used anti-gay slurs during the raid of the Midtown gay bar on Sept. 10, 2009. Some 60 patrons were forced to the ground and had their IDs checked.

The city has paid out settlements of $1.45 million to 36 Eagle patrons and eight employees including the Atlanta Eagle corporation to try to bring closure to the aftermath of the raid that ignited many in the LGBT community to call for police reforms.

The Atlanta Citizen Review Board also investigated the Eagle bar raid thoroughly and completed a report for APD Chief George Turner and Mayor Kasim Reed as well as other city officials. This report also showed unconstitutional acts by the APD officers who raided the bar.

Eagle attorney Dan Grossman also issued his executive summary of the Greenberg Traurig report.