UPDATED: YouthPride delays reopening; leaves many items behind after move

McPhaul did not immediately respond to a phone call and an email.

Kevin Philbrick, board president of Inman Park UMC, said YouthPride left many belongings behind, including papers and documents.

“They did leave quite a few belongings but I have not determined if any sensitive documents were left behind. A couple of people from the church will be looking through the items early this week and will know by Wednesday or Thursday if there is anything sensitive left behind and if so, we’ll make sure the church takes those into possession temporarily to protect them until YP can collect them safely,” he said.

Movers at the former YouthPride facility on Edgewood Avenue said Friday evening they were taking the agency’s belongings to a storage facility. YouthPride has known since March 20 that it would have to move out by May 31, after reaching a court agreement with Inman Park UMC. YouthPride did not move until late in the evening of June 1 after being granted an extension by the church.

UPDATE: Late Monday, an internal email was sent out to YouthPride volunteers by McPhaul stating the nonprofit would be closed through Wednesday. His email came after postings on the organization’s website and Facebook pages said the LGBT youth nonprofit would open Monday, then Tuesday and now he is stating it will reopen on Wednesday.

The email states:

Thanks for the great service that you all provide or have provided to make YouthPride a safe, supportive development and resource center for LGBTQQ youth. And for those who helped with the packing-up, THANKS again.

We posted two recent announcements on the YouthPride website at www.youthpride.org. The announcements are the following:

1. AT&T telephone service, including the helpline numbers, has not been transferred properly. AT&T is working to “figure it out.”

2. YouthPride will remain closed through Wednesday, June 6, 2012.

If you were already scheduled to volunteer … I will touch base with you Tuesday, as I am sure we will still need your HELP. 🙂



Late Monday, McPhaul also posted on YouthPride’s website that it would not open on Tuesday as well as what he said were complications with getting the organization’s phone number transferred by AT&T:

YouthPride is closed through Wednesday, June 6, 2012.
Please pardon us for the disruptions to scheduling in our transition from the previous YouthPride location (1017 Edgewood), and we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Youth and/or current volunteers can feel free to call Terence at 404.502.8431, if you have pressing questions. Those accessing COUNSELING services, please follow the instructions given you by your COUNSELOR. However, you too may call Terence at the number listed above.


There is a problem with the transfer of YouthPride’s AT&T telephone service. There is a constant ring on the main line (404.521.9711)number but it is not picking up at the proper location, nor will the caller hear prompts. AT&T has assured us that they understand how critical this issue is, and that they are working swiftly to fix the situation. Meanwhile, those requiring assistance may call 404.502.8431. As a TEMPORARY measure, 24/7 helpline callers may as well call 404.502.8431. Those needing true EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE IN CASES WHERE YOU FEEL THAT YOUR LIFE MAY BE IN DANGER BECAUSE OF POSSIBLE SELF-HARM, OR FEAR OF HARM BY SOMEONE ELSE should call 911.

Top photo: Terence McPhaul, executive director of YouthPride, has not said where the LGBT youth organization will be moving to after it was forced to move from its Inman Park location for not paying rent. (by Dyana Bagby)