“We’ve had some checks sent to us, but I don’t know how much they are — we haven’t gotten our mail yet today,” McPhaul said. “There have been some online donations. We won’t know more until we meet with the prospective donors.”

On Dec. 16, McPhaul said YouthPride needed to raise $40,000 by Dec. 31 or be forced to close in 60 days.

YouthPride Board Chair Jordan Myers posted on his personal Facebook page on Dec. 9 that YouthPride needed to raise $25,000 in one week. That was after McPhaul said in an interview that he wished the agency had $50,000. Myers has declined interview requests, saying all media information would go through McPhaul.

The agency, which serves youth ages 13-24, is currently operating under its regular business hours, McPhaul said.

McPhaul did not mention a benefit concert at Eddie’s Attic on Wednesday featuring musicians A Fragile Tomorrow and Bucky Motter as well as Hannah Thomas. For information on the concert, visit the Facebook invite, created by Eddie’s Attic, here.

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