A Fulton Magistrate Court judge ordered YouthPride to vacate its space at 1017 Edgewood Ave. by May 31 as well as pay its landlord, Inman Park United Methodist Church, a total of $28,000 as a settlement.

Inman Park UMC sued YouthPride on Feb. 17 for some $40,000 in back rent. Court documents show the organization currently owes $54,656.19.

The counterclaim filed by YouthPride against the church claiming the church had not made repairs to the building it has been renting for the amount of $500 per month for 60 months — or $30,000 — was dismissed for being "without merit."

YouthPride ordered to move out of space by May 31

According to the consent order made public this afternoon after being signed by a judge March 20, YouthPride must vacate from its current location by 5 p.m. on May 31.

YouthPride was also ordered to pay yesterday a cashier’s check of $18,000 to the church and two future payments of $5,000. The $18,000 has been paid, according to the church’s attorney.

The church does have the right to order YouthPride relocate immediately, but the church’s attorney Peter Morgan said yesterday that the church wanted to end the matter “peacefully” and allow time for clients to learn of the move-out date as part of a smooth transition.

Court documents state:

“Defendant shall pay Plaintiff the sum of $18,000 via cashier’s check on this day and further pay Plaintiff the sum of $5,000 via cashier’s check on April 1 and sum of $5,000 via cashier’s check on May 1,” court documents state.

Should YouthPride not make any of the payments or fail to vacate by May 31, the organization will be required to pay the full $54,656.19 owed and the property will be immediately seized by the church.

The consent order was signed by YouthPride Executive Director and CEO Terence McPhaul, board director Jordan Myers and Theresa Willis, who signed as the interim chair of the board of directors.

McPhaul and Myers did not respond to requests for comment. Attempts to locate Willis have so far been unsuccessful.