Screenshot via YouTube (CNN)

Biden Gives LGBTQ-inclusive 100th Day Speech to Congress

President Joe Biden addressed a joint session of Congress on Wednesday (April 28), and in the historic speech, he stood up for transgender rights and the passage of the Equality Act.

President Biden specifically addressed transgender youth in his speech, which was given in recognition of his 100th day in office.

“To all the transgender Americans watching at home – especially the young people who are so brave – I want you to know that your president has your back,” he said.

He also emphasized the need to pass the Equality Act, something he promised LGBTQ voters he’d do within his first 100 days in office; it has passed the House, but there hasn’t been any sign that the Senate will pass the bill soon.

“I also hope Congress can get to my desk the Equality Act to protect the rights of LGBTQ Americans,” Biden said while discussing initiatives that are being held up in the Senate.

LGBTQ organizations lauded the President for the LGBTQ inclusion in his speech.

“President Biden and Dr. Jill Biden are showing the world that LGBTQ people are welcome and belong everywhere, including his first address to Congress, and in his plan for American families,” said GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis. “The fact that President Biden will spotlight the inequalities LGBTQ Americans face every day and call for passage of The Equality Act speaks volumes about how important this legislation is and how much this new Administration is doing to ensure full equality and acceptance. LGBTQ lives are on the line, and it’s time for the U.S. Senate to take action and send The Equality Act to the President’s desk for his signature. We are so proud of Stella and all transgender youth who are living their truth and speaking out to protect their peers and their families. State lawmakers need to stop targeting trans kids and leave them alone.”

PLFAG National Executive Director Brian K. Bond said he was “grateful” to President Biden for his support of transgender and LGBTQ youth.

“His commitment to passing the Equality Act… has meant so much to our families,” Bond said. “We are also moved by his vocal support of our trans kids, whose rights and very lives have been under assault with hundreds of dangerous and damaging bills in 33 states across this country. PLFAGers everywhere join the President in calling on Congress to pass the Equality Act. Our families will continue doing the work of bravely sharing their stories with legislators about why the Equality Act would protect their LGBTQ loved ones – and the ways in which these dangerous and damaging anti-trans bills are hurting their kids.”

Watch President Biden’s full speech here: