Director Rob Cohen’s Transgender Daughter Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

Valkyrie Weather, the transgender daughter of the director of The Fast and the Furious Rob Cohen, has accused her father of sexual assault.

Weather wrote on Facebook on Thursday (February 21) that Cohen “used my body for his own sexual gratification” when she was only two years old.

“It was so painful that I couldn’t verbalize it for a long time,” she told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview following the post. “Mostly what I remembered was the pain, the memory of the place and time, just being there, in the bath.”

She said her mother had witnessed one of the assaults and confirmed it had happened. Another woman was apparently also sexually assaulted by Cohen in her sleep, which Weather said she knew because “he would occasionally tell the story as an anecdote.”

Weather went on to tell the story of her father taking her to see sex workers in Thailand and the Czech Republic when she was 13 or 14, “presumably in an effort to turn me into the straight son he wanted me to be.”

“I have my own theory that he thinks that he broke me when he molested me,” she told the Hollywood Reporter, “and he was somehow trying to undo that damage by hetero-sexualizing me from a very young age.

While she said she doesn’t expect her father to receive any criminal punishment, Weather demanded “that my story be heard.” She accredited the #MeToo movement for her courage to speak out against Cohen.

“Through therapy and support from loved ones, I no longer feel that I owe this man any loyalty,” she said. “And thanks to the #metoo movement, I have found the will to speak out.”

“My greatest hope is that others who have been hurt by Rob Cohen feel that they are able to come forward as well,” she continued.

The day after (February 22), Weather posted another person Cohen has assaulted had anonymously reached out to her.

Cohen denied Weather’s allegations to the Hollywood Reporter.

“This is extremely painful,” he said. “My beloved child has accused me of the most awful thing imaginable. Knowing that it is categorically untrue is painful enough. Having to write this and saying that my kid is not telling the truth is heart wrenching.”