Georgia Equality is in the midst of a $15,000 fundraising campaign, hoping to reach the goal by Monday when the first day of the legislative session opens. And it needs the money to fend off nasty attacks being put out opposing an employment non-discrimination bill introduced late last session.

In an email to supporters, Georgia Equality points to a May newsletter of to explain, "this is what we are up against" when it lobbies this year in favor of House Bill 630, an employment non-discrimination bill that includes sexual orientation and gender identity.

The anti-gay newsletter states in part, "H.B. 630 gives civil rights protection to pedophiles, peeping toms, cross-dressers, flashers and those practicing bestiality or necrophilia (sex with corpse). The American Psychiatric Association (APA) lists these and other acts as deviant and abnormal sexual behaviors. They are chargeable offenses under Georgia law, as well."

Anti-gay Georgians ramping up against state employment non-discrimination bill

The newsletter is written by Sue Ella Deadwyler, who states the has been “called by God to be a ‘watchman on the wall.'”

H.B. 630 was introduced late last session by openly gay Rep. Karla Drenner (D-Avondale Estates) with 70 co-sponsors, including a dozen Republicans.

As the state’s largest LGBT advocacy organization, Georgia Equality pays for one lobbyist — former AtlantaCity Council President Cathy Woolard and the first openly gay person to run for Congress in Georgia — to be at the Gold Dome advocating for LGBT equality as well as keeping an eye out for anti-legislation.

A town hall forum to discuss the bill is set for Jan. 10 at the Phillip Rush Center.