Athens signs on for Worldwide LGBT Civil Rights marches

Attendees are being asked to wear a purple shirt and signs with pro-LGBT slogans.

After the march, participants are invited to the second annual Big Gay Cookout at Lay Park.

The marches are the brainchild of Joe Knudson, an author based in Oklahoma City. Knudson said in a phone interview that the idea for a worldwide event came to him about a year ago when he created a Facebook campaign to draw attention to the struggle for LGBT equality.

“Our biggest goal is to make the governments around the world, and all of society, aware of our struggle, aware of the lack of rights for our community.

“There’s not a whole lot that government or society can do if they’re ignorant of what’s going on,” Knudson told GA Voice in a phone interview.

Atlanta will also host a march and rally on Saturday, April 21. For more information, visit


Top photo: Downtown Athens during Athens Pride 2011 (file)