Today, the Queer Justice League of Atlanta and the Georgia Voice announced a project to help bring hope to LGBT teens. Our press release is below; please join us at the Georgia Voice booth during Pride to help tell our community's youth that "It Gets Better."

Atlanta ‘It Gets Better’ Campaign launched for Pride

There was news today that yet another teenager has been harassed to the point of suicide. Yes, it’s happened again and until we act it will continue to happen. Perhaps the suicides will not be as frequent, but for LGBT teens, particularly those living in rural America, the bullying and torment can seem unending.

In a recent blog post Dan Savage stated, “Nine out of ten gay teenagers experience bullying and harassment at school, and gay teens are four times likelier to attempt suicide.” Fortunately the community has awakened to the plight of our youth. We can extend a hand and offer them hope. Savage himself has formulated a way for us to bypass the families, schools and churches that often foster the despair many of our young brothers and sisters feel. Using YouTube Savage created the “It Gets Better” project where gay adults can post videos encouraging teens to stick out the tough times.

The Queer Justice League thinks “It Gets Better” is brilliant and we want to encourage the Atlanta community to participate. Today the Queer Justice League is announcing that during the upcoming Atlanta Pride weekend we will partner with the Georgia Voice to record messages from Atlanta’s LGBT community to submit to “It Gets Better.” The Queer Justice League will donate the equipment and manpower and the Georgia Voice is donating space in their booth at Pride to do recordings. After Pride the recordings will be edited and submitted to the “It Gets Better” project.

On Sunday, Oct. 10, we encourage the community to stop in at the Georgia Voice booth and record a message of hope. Bring your partners, your friends, talk about your lives. Let our youth know that life gets better — that there is a larger and accepting community where different really isn’t and where queer is normal.

This year for Pride let’s follow Harvey Milk’s lead. Let’s “Give ’em Hope”!

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