10th and Piedmont art project

Atlanta LGBT group launches fundraiser for 10th and Piedmont art project, social justice nonprofits

Atlanta LGBT nonprofit Rainbros launched a fundraiser Wednesday for a new art installation at the intersection of 10th and Piedmont that could, if enough money is raised, lead to the city’s first transitional housing dedicated to the transgender community.

The building wrap on 10th Street on the wall in-between G’s and 10th and Piedmont would read “Still Too Busy To Hate,” with the letters spelling “hate” filled with messages of love from the fundraiser’s donors.

“In the ‘60s, Atlanta was dubbed ‘The City Too Busy To Hate,’” reads a description from the fundraiser’s website. “Today, we seek to continue Atlanta’s decades-old commitment by standing up against intolerance and hate in all its forms. In the current political and social climate, we believe it is important to proclaim, as a city and community, that all individuals are deserving of love, hope and protection. We have designed an art installation to stand testament to our commitment to create a world in which everyone is welcomed and celebrated. Installed on the historic corner of 10th & Piedmont, every heart in the wall will be filled by the name of a person or group that we love and are still too busy to hate.”

The total cost of the project, minus services and supplies donated by gay-owned Atlanta businesses KEYLAY Design and Prima Printing, would be $7,800 according to Rainbros. All additional funds raised beyond that (and the 3.5 percent processing fee charged by PayPal) will go to five social justice organizations: Trans Housing Atlanta Program, Lost-n-Found Youth, Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights, The Link Counseling Center and The Atlanta Women’s Foundation. Rainbros set an overall fundraising goal of $25,000.

All donations must be received by Sept. 26, and an unveiling ceremony is scheduled for Oct. 7 at 5 p.m. at 10th and Piedmont.

There are four levels of giving available per Rainbros.

$100+: Your commitment to love will be commemorated with a personalized heart on the wall.

$250+: In addition to creating your personal heart, you will be contacted and given the option to choose where you would like your heart to be placed.

Requests will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

$500+: In addition to all previous offers, your name and generosity will be listed on all printed and electronic promotional material.

$1000+: You will receive all previous offers AND you will be publicly thanked at the unveiling of the art installation on October 7th.

For more information, hit the link for the fundraising page.