The Atlanta Police Department confirmed they are investigating a gay Atlanta man who tweeted that he would make two local gay bars “the next Orlando.” The incident follows the early Sunday morning shooting at Orlando LGBT nightclub Pulse that left 50 dead and 53 injured.

Brett Edgerton, going by the handle @BrettTEdgerton, tweeted the following: “TEN or Blake’s could be the next Orlando. You think I am the type to be the next ‘shooter’? Keep hating me then…”

The previous tweet from that account read “You are all dead to me” and the headline of his Twitter profile reads “I will be your the last person you will see.” That Twitter account has since been taken down.

Edgerton’s Twitter activity was shared on social media hundreds of times by people throughout Atlanta’s LGBT community on Tuesday, with many notifying Atlanta police as well.

The Atlanta Police Department, the FBI and Homeland Security took Edgerton in for questioning Tuesday afternoon from a Midtown condominium complex. APD public affairs director Elizabeth Espy tells Georgia Voice that Edgerton has not been charged with anything yet but that it is still an active investigation.

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  1. Lance

    awwwwww…….he needs a hug, or a blow job, or a lay or even a smack upside his head – but he needs something

    • James

      I wonder if you would share this same
      response if this person or someone he knows actually carries out the act? I would suggest that these businesses take it very serious especially since the Ten is such an open target for anyone to walk by and cause harm to a large group of people for nothing. I really wonder about the mentality of some people in Atlanta because this needs to be taken seriously.


    What do you mean that he hasn’t been charged with anything? How about Terroristic Threats? O.C.G.A. § 16-11-37 (a) A person commits the offense of a terroristic threat when he or she threatens to commit any crime of violence, to release any hazardous substance, as such term is defined in Code Section 12-8-92, or to burn or damage property with the purpose of terrorizing another or of causing the evacuation of a building, place of assembly, or facility of public transportation or otherwise causing serious public inconvenience or in reckless disregard of the risk of causing such terror or inconvenience. No person shall be convicted under this subsection on the uncorroborated testimony of the party to whom the threat is communicated.

    • Bo

      But he’s white so he can get away with those types of things! This isn’t really news!

      • Arthur Bonker


      • JEENIE

        Trump is to Blame!!! Or more like adding to the racial problem etc. His whole political race is based off of hating others of all races, creed, culture, religion, sexuality, and sex. How does he get away with it? What is wrong with people here?? TRUMP is white, rich, arrogant, and most of all ignorant which is most attractive to people alike! For him to get this far is setting our country up to breed more Haters and the end result of his need to spread hate will cost more innocent lives . Talk about suicidal. What Trump is evoking to the USA is no different then the extremists he talks about….His rhetoric is a horrible foundation meant to kill people who dont look and think like him ugly ass or his ignorant squad. This country is going down as thee worst!!!! So, so Embarrassing and a world disgrace!!!!

    • Myke

      It’s not terrorism because his aim isn’t political. He wants to do the same as the previous, whom also was not a terrorist. They are hate mongers.

      • Jazz

        Someone can still be charged with terroristic threat it doesnt have to be political…..its basically like aggravated threat

  3. Nicole

    He needs to be arrested and a complete mental evaluation done, his name entered into the national data base of known terrorists and banned from ever owning a gun. He shouldn’t be released until a board of mental health professionals feel confident he poses no threat. He has opened his mouth and made threats. Why not believe him?

  4. shubooka

    well of course he hasnt been charged yet. he needs to commit the crime so it can be publicized on cnn, and only then will he be charged. But thats after the president and all the crisis actors get facetime to to promote the gun control agenda.

  5. Joshua

    If he looked slightly Muslim this would be handled so differently. This is ridiculous.

  6. Jonathan

    If this guy is allowed to purchase weapons after this….. I’m just sayin’

  7. Boyd

    Well, he’s not brown or Muslim. No charges .. no big deal…. all is well.

  8. Nixie Nachtvogel

    Someone didn’t take his meds. I’m surprised his name isn’t Ian. The drama queen is almost always an Ian.

  9. Melissa Hester

    Dear Atlanta LGBT Community,

    I will gladly stand in front of any establishment with my legal gun loaded and ready to protect your right to party and just be yourself. If anyone decides to take matters into their own hands… I will gladly stand in front of you and take a bullet or two for you. You have already lost so many in your extended family. So, I offer up not only my deepest sympathy, but an offer to stand when no one else will. In this day and age we need to stand together. We need not to be separated by sexuality but brought together by our humanity. We are all humans and we are all one. Never forget Orlando, and the damage it caused the nation. So I will be here for you in your time of need. All I ask is that you not thank me, but look out for your fellow Americans as well. It’s about time we started caring for others as we do ourselves. We are the United States of America and its about time we started acting like it.

    Kindest regards,

    Melissa Hester
    Your straight, Christian, white, middle class, gun-toting ally.

  10. ChristopherATL

    WTF is going on? This man is NOT charged with anything? It was a “hoax”? I want this story followed and this man behind bars! I DEMAND a follow up to this and the APD owes it to the LGBT community to take this seriously.

  11. Ted ATL

    There has to be ZERO tolerance for this type of behavior! He should be sitting in jail right now! The message needs to be loud & clear that threats like this will not be tolerated. I’m hoping & praying that this is simply “a threat” but he needs to pay for the fear (and possible revenue loss) he has generated.

  12. trtnw

    Thankfully his 2nd Amendment rights are still intact and he can purchase all the guns he wants.

  13. Don

    If a grade school kid were to make this statement regarding a school – all HELL would break loose!

  14. ld

    Probably not homophobia. Probably amped up garden variety bittrrness and self centeredness.

  15. LadyofMI

    Seems to me like they should take this guy in, and get him some mental help… The whole threat doesn’t make sense to me. A gay man is threatening to do the same to two lgbt local bars?? And he states to keep hating him? Something doesn’t seem right there.. Seeing as how he is mentally unstable which is obvious. They should at least hold him I’m custody. Take this more seriously than they are.. There’s no reason at all to allow someone to make these threats without keeping him out of publics eye. All the shootings going on and with the massacre in Orlando. People are so ignorant…


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