Atlanta tops in the country for gay-friendly businesses says new Queer Index

Atlanta has the most gay-friendly businesses and is the 30th most LGBT-friendly city, according to online news source Vocativ’s Queer Index.

The online news source timed the release of the info to LGBT Pride Month and used 32 data sets to measure 16 different factors to get a picture of what LGBT life is like in each of the cities. They started with the 100 most populous metropolitan areas and then got to work anlayzing data.

And who did they use to approve how many LGBT-friendly businesses we have? None other than Atlanta-based app Gayborhood.

Here’s what they had to say about our ranking:

If not for Georgia’s antiquated stance on marriage and unclear adoption legislation, Atlanta would be much higher on our Queer Index. The city is tops for queer-friendly businesses (ATL has the highest number of Gayborhood-certified businesses with 685—almost three and a half times more than Chicago). It also gets high numbers for media engagement, a substantial singles scene, pride events, culture and lots of folks looking to make connections (preferably without clothes). What’s more, the city is a Southern beacon for same-sex couples who love Atlanta’s varied outdoor activities and sporting options.

So we’ve got anti-gay laws and anti-gay groups (we ranked 84th out of 100 cities—yikes) dragging us down, but we have a lot of single people looking to hook up, so…yay?