Atlantans Prohibited from Visiting Gay-friendly Blue Ridge During Outbreak

North Georgia sheriffs are telling Atlantans not to visit their cabins at this time.

Fannin County, Georgia, made an emergency declaration this week instituting a curfew and preventing those living out of county that are subject to stay-at-home orders from visiting. The Fannin Sheriff’s Administration clarified that this does include Atlantans.

“I have received multiple inquiries wanting to know if people from Atlanta can come to their cabins,” they said, according to WSB-TV. “The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT! Atlanta is under a ‘Shelter in Place’ order. Our ordinance specifically prohibits this.”

The ordinance institutes a curfew from 9pm to 5am, which started March 26. All residents, apart from “exempt individuals” must stay in their home or on their property during the curfew period. No person who is a resident of a state, county, or city subject to a stay-at-home order and who is not currently present in Fannin County is allowed to enter.

Atlanta has been under a stay-at-home order from the mayor since March 24.

Blue Ridge, Georgia, which is in Fannin County, is considered to be one of the country’s most gay-friendly cities. It is home to one of the largest populations of gay couples in Georgia, and therefore a popular travel spot for Atlanta’s LGBTQ community.