Bill Criminalizing Trans-related Medical Care to Minors Fails to Pass on Crossover Day

HB 1060, a bill introduced to the Georgia House of Representatives punishing medical professionals providing trans-affirming care to minors, failed to pass on Crossover Day (March 12).

Crossover Day is the last day of the legislative session where a bill can be passed in one chamber—House or Senate—and both to the next. Bills that failed to “cross over” on Thursday die and must be re-written and re-submitted in 2021

Not only did HB 1060, or the Vulnerable Child Protection Act, fail to pass the House on or before Crossover Day, but the House HHS Committee didn’t even have a hearing on the bill. HB 1060 would’ve needed to pass the HHS Committee by a majority in order to have crossed over.

Because Rep. Ginny Ehrhart issued a press release announcing her intent to introduce the bill four months before actually introducing it, LGBTQ advocacy groups were able to mobilize to oppose the legislation. A website was created in opposition of HB 1060 where family members of Georgia’s transgender youth were able to share their stories and frustrations.

“I am outraged at the statement by the VCPA sponsor that allowing a doctor to prescribe testosterone, an FDA-approved medication, for my 15-year-old child is child abuse,” one mother wrote back in December. “Prior to being prescribed testosterone, my child was depressed, lonely, and they contemplated self-harm. Since beginning testosterone injections, my child is happy, talkative, and more confident in their interactions with family, friends, and classmates…Parents will not sit idly by and let the state substitute its judgment for that of the child, parents, and medical professionals providing accepted, necessary, and appropriate care.”

If Rep. Ehrhart and the other Republican co-sponsors wish to pass this bill, punishing medical professionals providing minors with hormone therapy, puberty blockers, or gender-affirming surgery with a felony charge, they will have to re-introduce it at next year’s General Assembly.