Someone didn’t take too kindly to the anti-LGBT sign outside Back to the Bible Holiness Church in Buford, Georgia. 11Alive was first to report the existence of the “Satan made gays and transgender” sign on Sunday evening. The AJC reports that sometime between 6 p.m. that night and 10 a.m. Monday, someone had covered it in black paint.

But the church still contends the sign is not about hate:

Minister Don Flint believes that publicity led to the vandalism — but he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution the sign was not intended to “preach hate.”

“As a minister, you’re going to live by the Bible,” Flint said. “And despite what happens outside of the Bible, you can’t change your point of view. … It wasn’t intended for any particular person, it was just letting people know that this is what I believe according to the Bible.”

ORIGINAL STORY Monday 10:15 a.m.: There has been a lot of talk about anti-LGBT rhetoric in religious circles and the role that plays in the culture that factors into incidents like the June 12 shooting at Orlando LGBT nightclub Pulse that left 49 dead and 53 injured. One Buford church has popped up as an example of such rhetoric.

11Alive reports that outside of Back to the Bible Holiness Church in Buford, a sign reads “God created man and woman. Satan made gays and transgender.” The sign is apparently visible to drivers and community members and has been up for about three weeks.

What does the church’s pastor have to say about it? Take a wild guess.

11Alive asked Pastor Bobby Wright why he decided to put the sign up. He defended it and said it has nothing to do about hatred.

“I haven’t cursed anyone. I haven’t called anyone a name,” Wright said.

The pastor has been head of the church 20 years and said he has signs with strong language up all the time.

“I’m a voice for the community,” he said.

Wright also disagreed that the sign could be seen as a tool that could stir up hatred in light of the Orlando tragedy. But wait, there’s a silver lining, folks!

Wright expressed he doesn’t expect everyone to agree with him, but that LGBT individuals are still welcomed to attend service at his church.

“The church is open for service. They’re invited in,” he said.

Got a picture of a sign outside a Georgia place of worship near you that references Orlando or the LGBT community, good or bad? Email it to

And ICYMI, here’s a rundown of LGBT Atlanta fundraisers and other events in the wake of the Orlando shooting.

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  1. David

    FOR the life of me I do not understand how Christianity and Religion takes scripture out of context and used it for hate! This is the actual scripture

    2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam. in the day when they were created.

    Nothing in this OR the scripture says anything about “Satan made Gays & Transgender

    I think it’s time that the “christian religion” stops preaching and teaching hate and start showing the same love that God showed while he was on earth!

    • Kelsey

      I agree100% with this comment. The paster says he’s a voice of the community. Who’s community. I would like to know. Doesn’t the bible say we are all created equal and were made in God’s image? I am transgender. Have been all my life. It’s not a choice. Most so called Christian’s read the bible and come to their own conclusions. Open your eye’s people. If judging and hate are what your religion is all about count me out. I don’t want anything to do with it. This paster says his doors are open to everybody. Am I going to get verbally reprimanded if I show up im a skirt and make-up. No thank you.

  2. Cheryl Courtney-Evans

    This idiot “Christian” fascist is a bigger fool than he sounds if he thinks no onw sees past that “It’s not about hate” BS!!! It’s folks like him that try to hide behind their “faith”, voicing these degrading, asinine ‘opinions’ that engender violence agains the LGBTQ community. He needs to take this fertilizer and grow a garden!


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