Cathy Woolard Endorses Teresa Tomlinson for Senate

Cathy Woolard, the former Atlanta City Council President and the first openly gay elected official in Georgia, has endorsed Teresa Tomlinson for U.S. Senate.

Tomlinson, who was elected as the first female mayor of Columbus, Georgia, in 2010 and served eight years as the city’s mayor, is now running for Senate to unseat Republican David Perdue.

Woolard issued her endorsement of Tomlinson on Tuesday (March 3).

“Teresa Tomlinson is the only U.S. Senate candidate who truly understands the infrastructure needs of our state,” Woolard said in a press release. “Our statewide transportation crisis needs urgent attention from Washington. We have gone far too long without leadership in these critical areas. Teresa’s ability to tackle important challenges head on is one of the many things that distinguish her from David Perdue.”

Tomlinson is challenging other Democratic candidates Jon Ossoff and Sarah Riggs Amico for the Senate seat. While Ossoff touts an endorsement from civil rights hero and LGBTQ ally Rep. John Lewis,  Tomlinson touts other big-name endorsements from the likes of Andrew and Carolyn Young, Hank Aaron, and former Governor Roy Barnes.