Cruz, Huckabee to Georgia church: same-sex marriage fight not over

2016 GOP presidential contenders Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee appeared at a Georgia megachurch on Sunday to woo the state’s evangelical voters, telling parishioners to get ready for a fight over the legalization of same-sex marriage.

Rock Springs Church in Milner, about an hour south of Atlanta, was the site of the Fifth of July celebration, where Cruz and Huckabee used words like “tragic” and “radical” to describe the U.S. Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling before opening up the stage for the Charlie Daniels Band and a post-concert fireworks display.

Speaking of inflammatory, Cruz had this to say, according to the AJC:

“In this last election, 54 million evangelical Christians stayed home,” Cruz said, his voice rising. “It’s my hope that that marriage decision serves as a spark to start a fire that becomes a raging inferno and awakening that sweeps this country as the body of Christ rises up to defend the thousands that have built America into this great nation.”

Cruz got in his own shots against the Supreme Court decision.

Huckabee said the pendulum inevitably will swing back toward a stricter interpretation of marriage, adding: “The courts of man can no more suspend the definition and law of marriage that it can suspend the law of gravity. They simply don’t have that much power.”

On a similar note, the Washington Post compiled a list of 81 things that Mike Huckabee has denounced. In addition to marriage equality, the former Arkansas governor has denounced dancing, Beyoncé, dogs wearing clothes and “Two Broke Girls.”