Eddie Long’s ‘fifth accuser’ in sex scandal writes book; screenplay in works

Then at the tender age of 16, Centino heads to the United States to attend college. Alone in this new country, minus guidance or a nurturing figure, Centino is seduced by a powerful religious figure who becomes not only the father figure he never had, but also his lover. Centino is offered the best that life has to offer, but at what cost? His soul becomes tortured as he is forced to deal with the realm of emotions and situations he never thought he would encounter.

In this story of love, lust, power, extravagant living and travel, betrayal, deceit, rape, down-low homosexual lifestyle, molestation, church corruption, secret societies, suicide attempts and religion, Centino Kemp gives you an in depth look into the pain, sorrow, trials and triumphs of his first twenty-two years on earth, and how he ultimately came to be known as “The First Lady.”

A spokesperson for Capitol Broadcast Shows Television Network told GA Voice today the book is finished but could not release a publish date. A screenplay of the book is currently in the works as well, the spokesperson said.

Two accusers, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande, have already spoken publicly about how they were forced into sexual relationships as teens by Long. The young men spoke out despite a confidentiality agreement stipulated in the lawsuit settlement Long reached with his accusers in May.

In a posting on New Birth Missionary Baptist Church’s website, Long himself said he would abide by the settlement agreement and not speak publicly about what happened.

Long, who led a march of thousands through the streets of Atlanta protesting, among other issues, gay marriage, continues to be supported by the thousands of members of his church.

In 2005, Long was the target of an “outing” campaign by black gay activists and civil rights icon Julian Bond has publicly proclaimed Long a “raving homophobe.”

Long has denied the accusations.

Read portions of a press release about the book and screenplay here.