Every Georgia County Now Has At Least One Confirmed COVID-19 Infection

Every one of Georgia’s 159 counties has now had at least one case of COVID-19, reported the AJC.

Taliaferro County was the last county to confirm a COVID-19 case, which officials announced last week. The official Taliaferro County Board of Commissioners Facebook page announced the infection on Facebook Monday (May 4).

“We have learned from the Public Health Site that we are now on the list with a confirmed case in Taliaferro [C]ounty,” the post reads. “We have been blessed in our county to not have a case, however it is sad to learn that we now have a case. We encouraged everyone to continue practicing social distancing please. Protect yourself. Please be considerate of others as well as yourself.”

Good Morning Taliaferro CitizensThe BOC would like to make an official statement based on the information we have been…

Posted by Taliaferro County Board of Commissioners on Monday, May 4, 2020

According to Willie Blockum Jr., a chairman of the Taliaferro’s Board of Commissioners, the identity of the individual who tested positive is unknown.

As of May 8 at noon, there have been 31,772 confirmed cases in Georgia. For 854 of those cases, the county is unknown.