Anthony Blackmon, also known as Autumn Skyy, was arrested last Thursday for Prostitution and ID fraud

Former Armorette Arrested for Prostitution in Fayetteville

Anthony Blackmon, a former Armorette known as Autumn Skyy, was arrested on Thursday (March 25) in connection to a human trafficking operation in Fayetteville, Georgia.

In a sting operation, the Fayetteville Police Department identified victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution at the Holiday Inn Express on Highway 54 West. Blackmon was charged with Prostitution and two counts of ID fraud. He was arrested, charged, and transported to Fayetteville County Jail along with eight other suspects, according to CBS 46.

Other suspects arrested include Henrietta Haney, charged with Prostitution; Satiera Sims, charged with Prostitution; Margaret Hamby, charged with Prostitution; Lawrence Youch, charged with Pimping; Melisha Davis, charged with Prostitution; Melisha Davis, charged with Prostitution; Tabitha Parham, charged with Prostitution; Shamorris Wright, charged with Prostitution; and Nation Gohlester-Jackson, charged with Prostitution.

The day before, 12 people were arrested by Peachtree City police as part of the two-day sting operation, which involved officers answering escort ads on social media and arranging for dates at the hotel.

“We are grateful to the [Holiday Inn Express] management, who cooperated with our agencies as we carried out the operation,” Fayetteville Police Chief Scott Gray said in a statement. “We are all committed to the cause of ending human trafficking and keeping our community safe.”

Captain Chad Myers told WSB-TV that police will continue to investigate the trafficking operation.

“We also want to look at those who are being victimized, forced into prostitution because you very well have many people across the country who are victim to that crime,” Myers said.

Anyone with information regarding human trafficking is urged to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888, text the hotline at 233733, or chat online at