An East Point police officer killed by a gunshot to the head was allegedly killed by her former roommate, according to the police. Friends and family of the officer are saying the two women were girlfriends at one time.

Danielle Parker was arrested Tuesday in the killing of Cpl. Crystal Parker, a six-year veteran of the East Point Police Department who was named Officer of the Year in 2012.

No motive and no specifics about the relationship between the two women were given by police. Police did say the two women lived together at one time.

Charlotte Cagle of East Point, a straight ally who is a volunteer for the annual East Point Possums Show, said Tuesday night that Cpl. Parker was gay and she and Danielle were dating. She did not know Danielle, however, she said.

Gay East Point officer allegedly killed by ex-girlfriend

 “She was/is truly adored by her fellow officers,” Cagle said of Cpl. Parker.

“She was a nice person not because she had to be, it’s just who she was. She made a huge impression on those around her,” Cagle added.

“Only 32, she rose through the ranks, and her fellow officers truly considered her more than a co-worker. They were friends. The work she did was well respected, and they shared a lot of laughs over the many hours they were all together. It is such a senseless killing,” Cagle added.

WXIA is reporting family friends have said the two had been “dating for about five years.”

“According to a family friends, Danielle and Crystal previously dated for about five years but recently went their separate ways. The couple lived in the Creel Road home, where Crystal’s body was discovered, together until recently,” WXIA reported Tuesday night.

Amber Moore, who works for the Health Initiative and is president of the Alpha Chapter of Sigma Omega Phi Fraternity, told Project Q Atlanta that Crystal Parker was an important member of the LGBT community. The fraternity is for masculine-identified lesbians.

“She served not just our mainstream community, but she was in the LGBT community,” Moore said.

“She was very liked in the LGBT community, she was a member of the LGBT community. She was involved. I want people to understand that she was gay and I don’t think people are grasping that concept. She was a servant in all communities,” Moore added.

Cpl. Crystal Parker was found dead in her home on Creel Road on Sunday. Police said she was likely killed on July 4.

Fulton County Court records show that Crystal Parker lived at 2372 Creel Road, Atlanta, Ga., 30349.

In another Fulton County records search, a name change was made on Feb. 27, 2012, by a Darma D. Dixon to Danielle Alexis Parker. The address with the name change to Danielle Parker was 2372 Creek Road, Atlanta, Ga., 30349. A Google search shows no 2372 Creek Road in Atlanta, so it is likely a typo was made.

Danielle Parker is listed as Danielle Alexis Parker in the Fulton County jail system. She is charged with murder.

“We have not determined if this was a break up of a couple,” said Fulton County Cpl. Kay Lester during a news conference Tuesday evening. “However, she was determined to be an ex-roommate … an ex-house guest at the location.”

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