Gainesville, Ga., billboard demeans same-sex marriage

“It’s an attack on equal marriage, and it’s really disgusting,” Perkins-Henderson said via e-mail. “I don’t understand why there even needs to be such a billboard up when there are no initiatives regarding marriage in the state of Georgia.”

Georgia voters amended the state constitution in 2004 to ban gay marriage.

Melany Ethridge, spokesperson for the I Am Not Ashamed campaign, said that the billboard was likely sponsored by a local church or religious organization.

“The theme is the Bible speaks for itself,” Ethridge said today by phone. “It’s more than a political statement, it’s a life statement.”

Ethridge did not know how many billboards were currently on display throughout the state.

I Am Not Ashamed falls under the Answers in Genesis, a Kentucky-based evangelical organization that also runs the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky. The Creation Museum teaches that dinosaurs and humans once co-existed and that evolution is a myth.

According to the organization’s website, its mission is to “offer a clear call to Christians around the world to stand unashamedly and uncompromisingly on the Bible.”

The billboard is owned by Revelation Outdoor Management, based in Buford, Ga. A call to Revelation’s offices this afternoon went unanswered.


Top photo: An anti-gay billboard on display between Gainesville and Flowery Branch, Ga. (by Emily Perkins-Henderson)