Derrick Martin, the Cochran, Ga., teen who is planning to take his boyfriend to the high school prom later this month, has been kicked out of his home by his parents.

Gay Ga. teen kicked out of home for prom date

The sad news is included in an update to Martin’s story posted today by the Macon Telegraph.

“But because of the media attention, Martin’s parents have kicked him out and the teen is staying with a friend,” the Telegraph’s Julie Hubbard reports.

The Telegraph also reports that Martin has received support from all over the country, including a Minnesota woman, mother to a gay son, who sent flowers to Martin’s school and wants to buy the couple boutonnieres for the big dance. A Pennsylvania man is raising money to pay for a limousine for Martin and his date on prom night.

“I appreciate it,” Martin told the Telegraph. “I was speechless that they said they would buy me dinner or buy me a tux in case someone messed mine up.”

A Facebook page has also been created to support Martin.

Martin has said he was inspired to take his boyfriend to the prom when he heard about Constance McMillen, a teen in Mississippi who continues making national headlines in her effort to bring a female date to the prom.

The ACLU filed a federal lawsuit March 11 after the school board called off the prom at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Miss., rather than allow Constance McMillen and her girlfriend to attend as a couple.

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that McMillen’s First Amendment rights allowed her to attend the prom with her girlfriend. However, the judge declined to issue an injunction ordering the school to hold the prom.