The band director at a Catholic prep school in Macon says he was fired because he plans to marry his male partner of six years.

Flint Dollar says that Mount de Sales Academy President David Held fired him Wednesday, citing Dollar’s pending marriage.

Parents of the school’s band members contacted local affiliate 13WMAZ to bring the issue public, and they’re planning to meet Thursday afternoon with Held. A protest is also planned for Friday morning at the school and a “Save Flint Dollar” Facebook page was created to keep people updated on the situation.

Held sent an email to the school’s parents and staff Thursday with the subject line “Personnel Decisions” but did not mention Dollar or the firing.

“Personnel decisions are never easy, and we consider many factors when making such decisions,” Held wrote. “Teaching ability, knowledge of the subject matter, the ability to communicate with constituents, and the willingness to support the teachings of the Catholic Church are just some of factors considered when making these decisions. Please know that these decisions are never made arbitrarily and are guided always by our mission as a Catholic School.”

Curiously, the school’s employment policy covers sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.

The policy states that Mount de Academy is “committed to the principles of equal employment opportunities to all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, gender, ancestry, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran’s status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, or any other characteristic or status that is protected by federal, state, or local law.”

Last June, Dollar performed an organ recital at the North Decatur Presbyterian Church in Decatur as part of the inaugural Southeast Stonewall Music Festival.

Alpharetta organist Nick Johns said last year he was forced to resign from his job at Saint Brigid Catholic Church after someone complained about his personal Facebook page where he posted photos of his boyfriend and his support of marriage equality. | @patricksaunders

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  1. philipem1000

    Well normally I’d say he can complain and they can rally but the church has its stupid homophobic ways and rules and gets to do it. But here I think he’s got a case, a real lawsuit, because they explicitly have a policy against sexual orientation based discrimination. I went to Catholic schools for 12 years, but I would not send my kid nor my grandkids there because it’s such a loony set of things to believe in.

  2. Dave

    If they receive ANY federal funding they need to follow federal anti-discrimination standards

    • Lee

      They are a private independent Catholic school, therefore they don’t receive any federal funding. Also, he wasn’t fired his contract simply wasn’t renewed. In order for the school to keep the Catholic in it’s name and to receive support/money from the church they can’t rehire him. The views of how this is a awful situation are taken into account but in this case they can no look the other way. No matter how public he was or wasn’t there are certain beliefs that a Catholic school must stand by.

      • Patrick Saunders

        The GA Voice has new details showing Dollar’s contract was renewed, and he was then fired shortly afterwards. We will include these and other details in a follow-up story to be published shortly.

        Patrick Saunders
        Deputy Editor
        The GA Voice

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