Georgia Equality and OUT Georgia Business Alliance Announce New Partnership

Georgia Equality and OUT Georgia Business Alliance have announced a new partnership to better serve and represent Georgia’s LGBTQ business owners and professionals.

This new partnership, announced on Monday (May 18) via emailed press release, outlines collaborative efforts to improve access to legislative, policy, workplace inclusion, and business development information. The two organizations will also work to spotlight the impact of LGBTQ-owned and ally organizations and strengthen the connections between advocacy, economic, and community progress.

“With more than 420,000 Georgians identifying as LGBTQ,” said Chris Lugo, the executive director of OUT Georgia Business Alliance, “it’s more important than ever for Georgia Equality and OUT Georgia Business Alliance to leverage each other’s networks and expertise to make our state a better and more welcoming place for all.”

“In a time of economic insecurity, it is imperative that people know that the law will protect them against discrimination and that LGBTQ business know that their businesses will be treated fairly when it comes to governmental assistance, loans, and contracts,” said Jeff Graham, the executive director of Georgia Equality. “Joining the voice of the business community to our ongoing efforts to expand nondiscrimination protection on the state and local level will be a powerful partnership that will serve LGBTQ Georgians throughout the state.”

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