Georgia Equality Announces 2020 State Legislative Endorsements

The Board of Directors of Georgia Equality, a political advocacy organization for LGBTQ Georgians and allies, has announced its endorsements for the 2020 state legislative races.

Georgia Equality endorses candidates who they feel are best placed to advance a pro-LGBTQ policy agenda.

“In a time when government competency and transparency are so desperately needed, we are excited to be supporting candidates and incumbents who will bring just that to the State Capitol,” said Jeff Graham, the executive director of Georgia Equality. “Each of these candidates believes in fairness and safety for LGBTQ Georgians, and if elected will work hard to make sure those beliefs become state law.”

Of the endorsed candidates, a number are LGBTQ themselves, including Republican Cody Smith, who is running for Senate District 3. He is the only Republican endorsed by Georgia Equality this election cycle.

Other out candidates endorsed by Georgia Equality include Park Cannon (House District 80), Matthew Wilson (House District 80), Renita Shannon (House District 84), Sam Park (House District 101), Kim Jackson (Senate District 41),  Josh McNair (House District 56), Karla Drenner (House District 85), Marvin Lim (House District 99), and Mac Sims (House District 163).

Allied candidates and incumbents endorsed by Georgia Equality include Nikema Williams (Senate District 39), Michelle Au (Senate District 48), Kyle Rinaudo (House District 35), Erica Thomas (House District 39), Becky Evans (House District 83), Michele Henson (House District 86), Bee Nguyen (House District 89), and Rhonda Taylor (House District 91).

A lack of an endorsement from Georgia Equality should not be viewed as a negative reflection of that candidate’s LGBTQ views. Georgia Equality will continue to assess candidates and release additional endorsement until early voting begins May 18.

To learn more about the endorsed candidates and their dedication to Georgia’s LGBTQ community, visit Georgia Equality’s website.