Georgia State Plan on Aging Meeting Requires LGBTQ Input

The George State Plan on Aging Meeting will convene at 1 p.m. on July 24. Community advocates argue that the State Plan needs LGBTQ input.

The session will occur at the Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Building in Atlanta.

According to pro-senior advocates, the need for LGBTQ representation is urgent. The State Plan was the topic of an Atlanta Prime Timers get-together in May. The APT invited speaker James Moorehead to speak on the subject.

Under the current State Plan, the next planning cycle will run from 2020 to 2024. While this foresight might be admirable, critics say it’s not enough.

According to Atlanta activist Richard Rhodes, the current State Plan does not have an adequate focus on LGBTQ populations. As such, the State Plan has few mechanisms to guarantee outreach to under-served populations.

LGBTQ advocates have three questions they want the State Plan to answer. First: what guarantees do we have that the State Plan will be friendly to LGBTQ seniors? Second, what kind of LGBTQ-friendly training and education are required for providers? And third, what kind of data is collected regarding the sexual orientation and gender identity of the clients?

State Plan critics warn that without active involvement, Georgia’s population of LGBTQ seniors will be unable to take full advantage of available services and programs.

George State Plan on Aging Meeting
1 p.m. July 24
Cobb County Chamber of Commerce Bldg.
240 Interstate North Pky.
Atlanta, GA