Group petitions Georgia officials to erect ‘Gay Pride Festivus Pole’ at State Capitol

A free speech group that focuses on LGBT rights has reportedly petitioned state authorities to erect a “Gay Pride Festivus Pole” at the State Capitol. Yup, it’s gonna be that kind of day.

The AJC reports that the pole is 6’6” tall, painted with purple glitter and rainbow colors and topped with a disco ball. If you think it’s farfetched that this will get approved, think again. The pole has already been displayed at the Florida State Capitol and was recently approved by officials in Oklahoma.

“Why Georgia? Really? Why not, given Georgia’s historical tolerance for differing views (wink),” Humanity Fund director Chaz Stevens wrote the AJC in an email. “If anyone in the South could use an erection, it’s those Confederate flag waving lunkheads.”

Festivus was of course introduced to the masses on “Seinfeld.” The fictional holiday is celebrated on Dec. 23 and is a secular alternative to the commercialism of the Christmas season that includes a family dinner where celebrants take part in an “airing of grievances” followed by a “feats of strength” contest. Here’s a refresher.

We’ll see how Georgia officials address this. Meanwhile, get to know more about Stevens, The Humanity Fund and the Gay Pride Festivus Pole.