Hundreds of Georgia faith leaders come out against ‘religious freedom’ bill

One of the common sights at the State Capitol this past legislative session was faith leaders holding press conferences speaking out in opposition to so-called “religious freedom” legislation, a move to suggest that Sen. Josh McKoon’s (R-Columbus) Senate Bill 129 is less about religious liberty and more about discrimination. Now, just weeks away from the next session and the return of SB129, a super-sized list of pastors, rabbis and other religious leaders have signed a petition in opposition to the bill.

A taste of the message that the more than 200 faith leaders are sending:

As faith leaders from diverse traditions, we believe freedom of religion is one of our most fundamental rights as Americans, but religious freedom does not give any of us the right to harm or exclude others.

We oppose this proposed legislation. First, it would put an individual’s religious beliefs ahead of the common good. Second, it could unleash a wave of costly lawsuits that will add burdens to both the courts and taxpayers alike. Third, our freedom of religion is already guaranteed and protected by the U.S. Constitution and Georgia’s State Constitution.

View the petition here to check out the full list, and keep an eye out for our wall-to-wall coverage of SB129 and other legislation affecting Georgia’s LGBT community throughout the next legislative session.

(h/t AJC)